Prevent Spills With the Powers of a Wizzard

Sometimes we can see it happening in slow motion.  A child seated at the table.   A full cup in the happy toddler’s hands.  And then without notice, the child spills the drink all over the table.  Waiters & Waitresses go into crisis mode grabbing the first thing they can find that will absorb the newly created table puddle, usually a pile of paper napkins.  The child’s parents are also possible victims with wet stains now covering their pants or shirts.  And why did all of this happen? Because there was no lid on this child’s drink.

Well, we here at Dean Supply have the preventative solution to this ever growing phenomenon: Reusable/Disposable 12 ounce kid’s cups with lids and bendable straws.  The outside of the cup is designed with an illustrated wizard that will keep the child entertained while their parents are seated at the table.   This cup is also easy for small hands to grip and resists tipping.

So if you are a kid friendly restaurant or offer food service to kids, check out the 12 ounce plastic kid’s cup with a lid and a straw. Available at Dean Supply!

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