Go Tropic With Palm Leaf Plates

Go Tropic With Palm Leaf Plates

Coconuts, palm oil, frozen drinks, and tropical beach vacations that tickle our fancy come to mind when we think of palm trees.  For centuries humans have discovered many ways to use the palm plant: shelters, baskets, furniture, religious significance, medicine, wine and now--elegant dinnerware. Maybe not widely known just yet, but with an ever changing food service industry always looking for new ways to enhance food presentation, it’s only a matter of time.  Here’s 4 reasons why you should consider using palm leaf plates in your operation and stay ahead of the culinary trends.   

Organic Material

So, is this one of those things that we [people] completely exploit and chop down every palm tree in the world just to serve another hor d'oeuvre? Not this time.  There is absolutely no damage done to the tree or the environment when sourcing palm leaves.  That is why palm leaf plates are sustainable and support a eco-friendly lifestyle.  

The palm leaves are collected after they have fallen naturally to the earth.  According to Mitti, a supplier of palm leaf dinnerware, “The leaves are collected, washed in clean water, then dried in sunlight.  After that, they are steam pressed into plates, bowls, trays, cups and food containers.” Mitti also makes note that each tree drops about 10 to 15 palm leaves a year.  (It is unclear what type of palm leaf is used but there are 2600 types of Arecaceae, which is the botanical family of the palm plant.)

Compostable Plates

Not only are they made from trees, but palm leaf dinnerware are also compostable.  This means that the product will break down within 90 days in an industrial composting facility that accelerates natural elements to degrade an item without leaving behind any toxic residues.  Composted material becomes a thriving habitat for all types of organisms and is used as an organic nutrient rich plant food.

There are no extra chemicals, glues, dyes, toxins, or other additives that prevent a palm leaf plate from breaking down.  A palm leaf plate is simply formed using water, pressure, and heat and is disposable after use.  

Mitti’s dinnerware is BPI-certified, which means that the products have been rigorously tested and they “will biodegrade completely and safely when composted in a large facility, leaving no residues.”

Products that follow the disposable compostable path, also reduce waste in landfills.  According to One Green Planet, “ Modern waste management methods are environmental tragedies. Waste lies stagnant in landfill sites where the vital oxygen that is needed to facilitate the decaying process cannot reach it. Landfill material also releases greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change: methane gas escapes during the building process. Incineration leaves some toxic ash waste, and the burning process releases a vast amount of carbon dioxide into our precious atmosphere.”

Robust Construction

Mitti’s palm leaf products are quite sturdy. square palm leaf plate The products do not loose shape when hot liquids or hot foods are added unlike bamboo alternatives.  The palm leaf dinnerware can be put in a microwave on high heat for up to 2 minutes.  They can also be put in an oven for up to 45 minutes at 350 degrees, which is contrast to bagasse, plastic, or bamboo that should not be used in the oven.  

Stylishly Unique

“Strategy is about making choices, trade-offs; it’s about deliberately choosing to be different.” - Michael Porter

“In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.” - Coco Chanel

Ok so this may be a little deep for an article on palm leaf dinnerware but if you are still undecided it is worth mentioning - be different.  It’s not easy to stand out from the crowd when you are a caterer competing against all of the other small companies, restaurants, grocery stores, and individuals.  Using products that are a bit off of the beaten path may work wonders for you and will get people talking.  

Besides, palm leaf plates have that quality eco-friendly look that will make almost any event appear to have a natural, Earth friendly vibe.

Palm leaf plates are a solid choice if you are in the market for disposable sturdy elegant compostable dinnerware that has a positive impact on the environment.
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Free Clorox Disinfecting Wipes With Rebate!

Clorox Disinfecting Wipes

Clorox is offering a mail-in rebate for disinfecting wipes through Dean Supply! That's right, when you pick up a bucket of these fresh scented wipesfor $59.99, Clorox will send YOU a check for $59.99 when you mail in your rebate!  This offer is only valid on purchases through 5/31, so hurry and get in on this special offer!  Here is the End-User Rebate Form for you to download and fill out.

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The Best Cocktail Recipes for Your Rockin’ Get Together

the best cocktail recipes


Image Credit: Libbey Glassware

The best cocktails combine a great variety of flavor, simple compliments and an element of surprise. Although that may sound like an intimidating quest, you don’t need to be a mixologist to create these tasty cocktails. Sometimes, the easiest of cocktails are often the most delicious and impressive. Don’t believe us, give one or more of the following of these delectable party drinks a go.

First, we have our favorite the cosmopolitan. This is a classic cocktail that pairs nicely with many different foods appealing to a variety of tastes. Also, with seven ingredients this delicious cocktail is a great way to start practicing your bartending skills. You will need a bar shaker and some martini glasses. The cosmopolitan is perfect for unwinding after a long day with your friends.

If you want to try sometime a little more tart and difficult, try a sparkling apple cocktail. This popular cocktail only has five ingredients, but the combination and execution is a little more difficult than the cosmopolitan. If you are looking for a little bit more of a challenge in a cocktail, then this is for you and is only a rocks glass away.

Are you planning a party? You will need a great party drink to bring everyone together and encourage them to cut loose. We highly suggest mixing up some Raspberry Beer. It’s a bubbly, pink cocktail for a big crowd. It mixes cool refreshing summer tastes with your favorite, classic beer. This is of course another easy cocktail to mix up for friends because when you are throwing a party easy and delicious recipes are a must.

We are turning up the heat with our next vodka drink. The sunset cocktail requires using the stove to do a little boiling, but once you mix the fruit with your melted sugar you won’t regret it. This sweet, but not too overly sweet cocktail is perfect after a hearty meal and light enough to have with any creamy dessert. Along with the delicious mixture of vodka and sugary fruit, this cocktail is also easy on the eyes. This cocktail has a beautiful yellow to orange glow, which is how it earned its name.

For those of you who prefer your cocktails a little less sweet, you need to give our pear-rosemary cocktails a try. There is still sugar in the recipe to ensure that anyone will love this cocktail, but with pears being the only fruit involved, it is less sweet than most of our drinks on our popular cocktails list. This cocktail recipe calls for only 6 ingredients, so it is another one that is a little easier to make, but it does involve letting the vodka and pears marinate for at least two weeks, so don’t plan on making this cocktail for dinner tonight. Don’t worry though, this decadent drink is worth every minute you need to wait.

We are going to wrap up our list of best cocktail recipes with a bit of a challenge, but don’t freight the outcome is definitely worth the extra effort. One of our favorite cocktails is the raspberry pomegranate champagne cocktail. It combines the tart bite of champagne with sweeter flavors of raspberry and pomegranate. This great combination along with the added surprise of raspberry sorbet makes this a great cocktail for any time of year and for all occasions.

We couldn’t stop there, we have one more, our bonus drink. It is one that everyone will love. Even the most picky beverage connoisseur will love this beverage! We are not going to just give this one away though, if you want to know the way to serve up the best drink for anyone, anywhere just give a quick click right here.

No matter the occasion some quick and easy cocktails are sure to be a hit. If you didn’t find the perfect drink recipe for your next event, don’t worry we have even more on our Pinterest page. You can also find some of our favorite products, dinner recipes, desserts, kitchen crafting ideas, and even special holiday pages there too. Please enjoy all of your cocktails and other adult beverages responsibly and the next time you need that little extra something in your kitchen, remember to there’s lots to buy at Dean Supply.

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9 Easy Steps To A Clean Commercial Fryer

9 Easy Steps To A Clean Commercial Fryer

If you want your commercial fryer to last long and work efficiently, proper maintenance and cleaning is necessary after use.  But don’t worry, it’s not that bad!  Here we have outlined a number of easy steps to follow to make cleaning second nature.  

Items Needed

Nitrile gloves - these type of gloves will keep your hands and skin safe when it comes time to draining the fryer oil.

Safety Goggles - No one likes to get splashed with soap in their eyes, or even worse hot oil.  Keep your eyes protected easily with a pair of safety goggles.

Vinyl Apron - A heavy apron will keep your clothes and skin clear from any type of splashing that may occur.  

Drain Valve Extension - This metal tube is threaded and  will screw on on to the the drain flow tube which will allow you to easily empty the fryer oil into a container.  

Scrub Brush Long Handle - Use a longer scrub brush to help you reach parts of the fryer that your hands cannot.  This brush is also great for cleaning other food equipment.

Fryer Rod - This metal poking tool allows you to clean out the drain tube of any food debris.

Fryer Coil Brush - This brush is much smaller than the scrub brush and can help you get to those hard to reach areas.

Stock Pot or Large Stainless Steel Bucket - Use this basin to catch the oil

Steps to Clean A Fryer

Step 1 Turn off Thermostat Make sure to let the oil cool to at least 150 degrees Fahrenheit.  No reason to burn yourself over cleaning a fryer! This would also be the best time to put on your vinyl apron and safety goggles in preparation of scrubbing.

Step 2 Remove Obstacles Remove baskets, basket hangers, and the tank racks. These are all items that would be getting in the way when it comes time to cleaning.

Step 3 Drain Grease  If needed, attach a drain valve extension to the fryer.  Then place a stock pot, steel bucket, or oil caddy underneath the end of the valve extension.  Slowly, open the valve to release the oil. Doing this slowly prevents splashing.  

Step 4 Remove Debris  Grab a rag and wipe down the interior sides of the fryer. For tougher build-up, scrub with an abrasive brush.  Use a fryer rod to clean out any leftover food out of drain line.  

Step 5 Rinse  Make sure the deep fryer is near a water a drain and pour hot water in the fryer to wash away any remaining fat.

Step 6 Brush Use your fryer coil brush to start scrubbing in places that you can’t reach.  Like in between the flumes and deep along the sides.  An L-shaped coil brush is also great for reaching areas that a straight brush can’t.  But be careful when cleaning around the thermostatic probes as they can be damaged during cleaning.  

Step 7 Rinse Again Pour more water through the fryer to wash away any debris the brushing released.

Step 8 Boil Out Now fill the fryer basin halfway with hot water and use a boil out product, like Mr. Muscle Liquid Fryer Boil-Out, or a degreaser.  Turn on the thermostat for 15-20 minutes.  Then drain the cleaning solution.

Step 9 Rinse One More Time Wash away any leftover cleaning chemicals with hot water.

If you want your commercial fryer or other restaurant equipment to perform like a champ every night, than it is essential you give it the tender loving care it needs.  

If you follow these cleaning steps after each use, you can expect your fryer to last a long fryin time!

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Shop Smart, Shop Clearance Kitchen Goods

shop clearance kitchen goods

In our personal lives most of us will look over the clearance section as we walk through our favorite shopping establishments.  Why is it that we don’t do the same when it comes to work?  We all know that there are bottom lines and budgets to consider and that saving a few dollars here and there can go a long way.  Is savings the only reason to shop clearance for commercial kitchen supplies?  Of course not, here’s a few reasons why you should peruse the clearance area for your kitchen needs the next time you're shopping.

  1. Think outside the box
  2. Solve problems
  3. Be ready for new opportunities
  4. Obvious savings

Think Outside the Box

We all get comfortable in patterns.  Once we create our own ways of doing things, it can be difficult to change what we are accustomed to.  Many people are use to getting in and out and going straight for the stuff they need and not considering what the bargain section may have to offer especially when it comes to  kitchen supplies. Don’t get stuck with what you know, you need to think outside the box and be open to new ideas. Who knows, your next inquisitive spend could lead to a new recipe, attracting millions of patrons across the world but you’ll never know if you don’t give it a go!

Solve Problems

We all face daily problems, both big and small.  The major areas of concern are ones that we don’t have easy solutions for that could hinder productivity, efficiency and overall profitability.

Tiny problems lead to larger issues if we can’t find a cost effective solution. Clearance kitchen supplies could easily be the answer to the situation that you’re currently avoiding in your kitchen. You know that small annoyance that keeps you up at night but you can’t fork out the large amount to replace? The bargain section may have a cost effective option to fix your problem and help you rest easy.

New Opportunities

Clearance items allow us to purchase commercial kitchen supplies that would typically be out of reach.  Taking a chance on these items could open doors quicker than they might have otherwise.  We all hate missing out on the possibility for more work or income.  The risk associated with buying clearance items is decreased due to low cost.  Don’t be afraid to take a calculated risk on an opportunity that could grow your business and help you offer new items on your menu.


The ability to get your regular items for less is one of the best advantages of shopping bargain kitchen supplies.  Clearance items are ever changing.  Occasionally checking the clearance kitchen supply section can lead to savings on the products you regularly purchase.

The next time you see the clearance tap on the top of take a moment to click and scroll.  At the very least you will open yourself up to new opportunities at a reduced costs.  Don’t believe us?  Our clearance area is just a click away, try to prove us wrong.

Happy Shopping!
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Spread The Love This Valentine's Day! ♥♥♥

It's Time To Start Spreading The Love!

Happy Valentine's Day

Show love to your friends, family and customers with our colorful and heart-warming Valentine's Day decorations!

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♥  Happy Valentine's Day!  

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