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Cannabis Industry Supplies & Equipment

For over 70 years, Dean Supply has provided the food service industry with commercial kitchen supplies and equipment from the most trusted brands. Cannabis industry professionals have found these same trusted brands to be useful in the cultivation, processing, and storage of cannabis for medicinal and recreational use. Cannabis growers will find wide selection of commercial kitchen equipment used to process cannabis flower. We have high-powered equipment used to extract oils, and bake edibles. Starting a cannabis kitchen? Contact us for assistance. We look forward to serving you.

Select from dry storage containers to temperature controlled refrigeration for cannabis storage.
Food-grade products that keep your product clean and meet all the rules and regulations for health & sanitation.
Choose from a wide range of bags for the storage of cannabis flower or package cannabis edibles.


Food Containers
Safe, temporary storage for cannabis flower.
Sheet Pans & Racks
For every task from seed starting to trimming flower to baking edibles.
Storage solutions for any size cannabis operation. Great for seed starting!
Keep things rolling with a variety of transport carts of poly or stainless steel.

Refrigeration & Freezers

Convenient upright storage with precise temperature control to preserve the quality of cannabinoids. 
For larger operations where  temperature control is critical for a large volume of cannabis product. 
Refrigerated Transport
Maintain temperature-controlled storage when transporting bulk product to dispensaries or cannabis kitchens.

Packaging Supplies & Equipment

Scales & Measures
Precision instruments for your precise portioning and dosing, especially in baking.
Vacuum Sealers
Preserve aroma and flavor during weed storage. Adjustable compression.
Go Boxes
Discrete temperature-controlled transport for marijuana products.
Airtight storage in a variety of sizes. Great for displaying bud in the dispensary.
Quick and easy storage in paper or plastic in a variety of sizes & types.
Airtight storage in a variety of sizes to keep your product fresh.
Stickers & Labels
Use labels for product freshness dates or to prevent tampering with product.

Professional Processing Equipment

Immersion Blenders
The preferred tool for infusing foods with cannabis oil, powder or distillate.
Processors & Extractors
Get rapid, consistent processing for maximum yield and proper dosing.
Commercial quality ensures consistent results batch after batch.

Baking Supplies & Equipment

Ovens & Ranges
Bake perfect pot edibles with convection ovens from top brands.
Commercial grade for daily use in a busy business operation.
Countertop Induction
Get the perfect mix of performance and affordability for baking edibles.
Essential tools for any stage of cannabis cultivation, processing, packaging, or distribution.
Produce consistent edibles and precise dosing with highly accurate scales and measures. 
Ensure your oven and refrigerators are calibrated properly with proper temperature gauges and probes.

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