Cleaning Supplies

Maintain a clean and sanitary environment in your restaurant or office with our full line of cleaning supplies and janitorial supplies. Our collection includes industrial-strength chemicals for specialized commercial cleaning tasks as well as all-purpose cleaners that make your front-of-the-house as clean as your own home.
Chemical Cleaners
Make every surface clean using our commercial and household cleaners.
Janitorial Disposables
Keep stocked with paper products, trash liners, food service wipes, and more.
Mops & Wringers
Clean house with wet mops, dry mops, mop handles, and mop buckets and wringers.
Restroom Supplies
Scrub our extensive collection for the restroom supplies you need. 

Cleaning Chemicals

Cleaning Wipes
Wipe away germs with disposable wipes for foodservice or home. 
Cut through grease with industrial-strength degreasers.
Keep dishes clean with bulk dishwash solution to get the job done.
Keep the front of the house as clean as you keep your own home.
Floor Care
Get floors cleaner faster. Save money when you choose Dean Supply brand.
Hand Soap & Sanitizer
Restock dispensers with bulk hand soap and sanitizers.
Odor Control
Freshen up your place with odor controlling powders and fresheners.
Oven/Grill Cleaner
Remove grease and gunk with these specialized cleaners.

Janitorial Disposables

Paper Towels
Find folded paper towel refills & paper towel rolls for every environment.
Trash Liners
Shop our collection of heavy-duty, medium-duty and light-duty trash bags and liners.
Toilet Tissue
Get bulk rolls of toilet paper and toilet tissue refills for any type of dispenser.
Foodservice Wipes
Get surfaces clean with food-safe cleaning wipes designed for kitchen uses.

Mops & Wringers

Mop Buckets & Wringers
Get maximum efficiency with a mop bucket & wringer.
Dry Mops
Remove dust and dirt from dry floors in a hurry with dry mop heads and handles.
Wet Mops
Soak up spills and remove gunk whether or not you use a mop wringer.
Mop Handles
Handle every cleaning job with the right mop handle for every type of mop head.

Restroom Supplies

Towel Dispensers
Maintain order in your bathroom and kitchen with easy to use dispensers.
Restroom Signs
Show them the way with clear restroom signs for foodservice and retail use.
Soap Dispensers
Minimize germs with soap and hand sanitizer  dispensers from top brands.
Toilet Brushes
Keep toilets sparkling clean with plastic toilet bowl brushes and scrubbers.

Safety Supplies

Latex Gloves
Handle any job with latex gloves that allow great touch sensitivity.
Nitrile Gloves
Maintain proper food safety processes in your restaurant or home with Nitrile Gloves.
Poly Gloves
Change gloves quickly and easily with loose-fitting, latex-free polyethylene.
Vinyl Gloves
Meet NSF protocols with high-quality vinyl gloves with or without powder.

Trash Containers & Lids

Lids for Trash Cans
Get trash container lids from Rubbermaid, Carlisle Winco and more. 
Smoking Receptacles
Keep butts off the sidewalk with smoking waste receptacles.
Trash Can Containers
Find square trash cans, slim trash containers, small round cans and many more.
Trash Can Dollies
Roll through your custodial duties when you use a trash dolly for large containers.

General Cleaning & Janitorial Supplies

Brooms & Dustpans
Clean up with industrial sized push brooms or small brooms for tight spaces.
Scrub it with heavy-duty wire brushes or multi-purpose scrub brushes.
Dust it off with handheld feather or microfiber dusters as well as Swiffer refills.
Flatware Retrievers
Keep flatware from being thrown in the trash by using a magnetic flatware catcher. 
Floor Mats
Shop carpet floor mats, grease resistant kitchen mats and anti-fatigue mats.
Floor Pads
Find floor scrubbing pads and other floor maintenance supplies.
Light Bulbs
Shine your light with flood lights, heat lamp bulbs, and glass light bulb covers.
Liquid Storage & Dispensers
Get hand pumps, spray bottles, buckets, and more!
Microfiber Cloths
Trap dust instead of dispersing it with microfiber dust cloths.
Pest Control
Control gnats, flies and other pests at your foodservice establishment.
Scouring Pads
Get the best scouring pads and scrubbing tools to clean effectively & efficiently.
Quickly clean windows and floors with squeegees, plus handles and t-bars.
Fasten it with the right tape for the job, including clear-, masking-, and duct tape.
Vacuums & Sweepers
Clean it quickly with vacuums and sweepers for restaurants and retail.
Wet Floor Signs
Avoid risk and keep guest safe with caution signs for wet floor safety.
Window Washing
Keep windows clean and appealing with professional window washing tools.
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