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Introducing the DateCodeGenie® | More than just a labeling system.

In any restaurant or kitchen, productivity is a must to keep things running smoothly. The DateCodeGenie is one way to revolutionize your food preparation and labeling process, increase efficiency and accuracy and maximize labor hours. It is a cloud-based, centrally managed device that is fully customizable for your kitchen's needs. See how it has impacted these kitchens' day-to-day operations:

Restaurant kitchen productivity at its finest

The DateCodeGenie® is far more than just a labeling system. This one small machine will impact so many other parts of your day-to-day operations.
» Cloud-Based Software
Have multiple locations? The centrally managed online portal can update multiple machines at once.
» Fully Customizable
Want to add your logo? The revolutionary drag-and-drop label designer makes it easy.
» Labor Savings
Handwritten labels can take up 120 hours per year - DateCodeGenie prints 1 label every second, saving 117 labor hours per year.
» Maintain Accuracy
Access recipes, training materials, videos, images of product and interactive user content via the multimedia gallery.
» Sturdy design
High quality kitchen-grade stainless steel housing protects components from tough kitchen enviornments.
» Cost Savings
Don't purchase pre-printed labels only to throw them out once information changes - print 1 at a time at just $0.06 per label.
» Affordable
If you print at least 30 labels per day, the machine will pay for itself in just 6 months!
» No monthly fees
No monthly recurring charges to maintain service - just purchase the machine with automatic 2 year warranty included.
Date Code Genie | Automated labeling system to increase productivity

Agile software designed to withstand any kitchen

Each device has a full-color touchscreen and thermal printer housed in kitchen-grade stainless steel, durable enough to withstand any tough kitchen environment. The system is Wi-Fi enabled and updates automatically every 24 hours. You can feel secure knowing that even if something does happen, the machine is covered under a comprehensive 2 year warranty. The thermal printer prints up to 60 labels per minute, masterfully handling 2" & 3" labels. All labels are FDA compliant and can be applied indirectly to food and safely applied to cooler and freezer containers.

Perfect for any type of restaurant of quick-service establishment

Whether you are labeling ingredients, preparing for a busy week or selling grab-and-go options, the DateCodeGenie will come in handy for any type of food service establishment. With multiple sizes available, you will find a model that will be able to fit your needs without wasting precious counter space in your kitchen.

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