Tamper-Evident Hinged Containers

As a restaurant owner, you may never know if delivery orders reach their destination safely. However, your customers do and they'd appreciate the extra measure to make sure their orders stay untouched. Protect your business and prioritize the integrity of your kitchen with tamper-evident packaging labels.


According to an US Foods Survey,

Choose Supplies That Place Health & Safety First

Tamper-Evident labels reveal if an order has been compromised. When a food parcel is opened the adhesive label will tear. Each label can be applied to a variety of take-out containers, bags, cups and deli wraps. Show that your business considers the health and safety of its patrons.

People need to feel confident that their food and beverages have not been tampered with when making a purchasing decision. Building trust between you and your customer will make your business more favorable, more likely to receive positive reviews and referrals.

A Simple Safety Solution

Increase purchase rates and provide your customers with a piece of mind with Safe Pinch Tamper-Evident Hinged Containers. Make purchase decisions simple, the packaging convenient and watch your business gain a lead over the competition.

The simple pinch-and-pull process reduces multiple steps and excess waste, unlike other pre-packaged, tamper-evident containers. In addition, the pressable hinge operates easily and is made adaptable for consumers with dexterity difficulties. The visible warning labels advises buyers to be cautious if the hinge is broken and to signal store operators whether a product has been compromised.

Watch the video below to see how consumers have been responding to this product.


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Download the Safe Pinch Tamper Evident Order Sheet.pdf
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