The Versatile Tilt Skillet — Meats, Pancakes, Soups, Sauces & More

A tilt skillet, also called a tilting skillet or commercial
, improves productivity in a commercial kitchen by making it more convenient for you to cook large batches of a wide variety of foods.

What is a Tilt Skillet?

The tilt skillet is a piece of commercial cooking equipment that,
instead of a flat cooking surface like a grill, has a large pan that can be filled with food. The pan is heated on the bottom and sides for even cooking. It also typically has a lid which can be closed to reduce heat and moisture loss during operation.
This type of equipment is called a tilt skillet because, when the contents have cooked, a lever allows the operator to tilt the pan forward and lock it in place, making it easy to transfer food neatly and safely into serving pans and storage containers. The pan can be tilted at different angles for convenience and cleaning.

How Can You Use a Tilt
Skillet in Your Kitchen?

Tilt skillets are best known for their braising capabilities,
but they can be used for a wide variety of cooking methods and foods.
· Braising – Large quantities of meats like
pork shoulder or beef ribs can be braised from start to finish in this one piece of equipment, because it can handle both the initial quick searing and the tenderizing slow simmering.

· Roasting — Large quantities of meats and
vegetables can be roasted in a tilt skillet. You can conveniently prepare pot roast, potatoes, crispy broccoli and more.

· Pan Frying — The braising pan can be used
to pan fry large batches of chicken or other items, achieving a golden, crispy outside.

· Sautéing — Use your braising pan to
quickly cook seafood like scallops, shrimp, or salmon. Prepare seasonal vegetable medleys or stir-fry.

· Steaming — Vegetables and rice can be
prepared by putting water in the bottom of the pan, closing the lid and utilizing steam pan inserts.

· Boiling — Add more liquid to the pan and
you can cook pasta. Soups, stews and sauces can also be prepared in a multifunction braiser.

· Grilling — A tilt skillet functions well as
a grill, for foods like pancakes, eggs, Cuban sandwiches and hamburgers.

· Holding — Lower the lid of your commercial
braiser and keep foods warm until needed.

Why Should You Own a Tilt

The versatility of a tilt skillet is its greatest benefit.
A tilt skillet does the work of multiple pieces of cooking equipment, making it useful in nearly any commercial kitchen. Different capacities are available to accommodate different volume needs.
For low-volume operations, a commercial braiser could be
used to replace several other appliances, saving space and money. Braisers heat quickly and hold their heat well, for quicker cooking and lower energy costs.

In a moderate-to-high-volume kitchen, a tilt skillet can eliminate
restrictions on your menu planning and provide peace of mind for unexpectedevents. It offers extra capacity for whatever type of cooking needs to be doneon a given day. Whether you need to prepare a week’s worth of signature sauceor grill enough hot dogs for a kid’s birthday party, a tilt skillet can be the solution.
In addition, commercial braising pans are simple to operate
even for novices, safe to use, and easy to clean.