There’s No Carfax for Used Restaurant Equipment

Restaurant equipment is a significant investment for food service organizations. Keeping costs low is often a top concern for most owners and managers, which is why many restaurants find themselves leaning toward used equipment. While this can lower the initial cost upfront, it’s also important to know that there is some risk involved. Why? Because unlike with purchasing a used car, there’s no Carfax equivalent when it comes to buying used restaurant equipment.

Used Equipment May be a Gamble

Carfax is a service which provides comprehensive historical information on used automobiles, so buyers can detect any potential problems before the purchase. Unfortunately, there’s no equivalent of Carfax for restaurant equipment. This means that when you shop for a used stove, range, griddle, charbroiler, deep fryer or other piece of commercial equipment, you’re essentially flying blind.

So, while buying used can indeed help you save money upfront, there may be hidden costs associated with everything from whether the equipment has been properly maintained to if it’s had any major accidents or malfunctions.

Protect Your Investment

If you decide to buy used, there are some things you can do to proactively protect your investment. This includes researching the reputation of the brand and checking user reviews as well as inquiring about the equipment’s history from the seller. Knowing the number of owners, whether it’s been routinely serviced, and if it’s had any problems over the course of its life can help you be an informed buyer.

Lastly, seeing the equipment in person can help you identify any troubling signs of damage or wear and tear.

Ask About Product History

Whether you’re buying a used car or a used range, the fact remains that an item’s history does affect its value.
While some used restaurant equipment may save you money with no sacrifice of performance now or in the future, others may end up costing you more over the long run.
The only way to truly know what you’re getting—and the expense over time—is to buy new.

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All scratch & dent items pass an inspection prior to being added to our inventory, ensuring the safety and usage of the appliances. Scratch & dent equipment are able perform as intended but, may display minor cosmetic damage such as, dents, bruises, peeling or alteration to its original color.

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