Wedding Decorations & Wedding Supplies
The Dean Supply Company offers a huge selection of wedding supplies and wedding decorations for professional caterers or event planners as well as DIYers. Our collections include catering supplies, dinnerware, and unique wedding party favors. Check out our wide selection of white ceramic dinnerware at wholesale prices. We also have several options for upscale disposable dinnerware that is ideal for a classy-casual event.

Buffet & Tableware
Whether you are a professional catering company that regularly serves weddings or you are a bride taking on the task of catering your own wedding, you can find what you need with a little less run-around and a little extra wiggle room in your budget! Browse our catering supplies section and check out our Pinterest page for creative food displays and unique serving ideas for weddings that your guests are sure to love.
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Ceramic Dinnerware 
Style your tables to suit your tastes with a huge selection of dinnerware. 
Beverage Dispensers
Create a fun and festive beverage station full of lemonade, water, ice tea, juice and more. 
Catering Displays
Create a buffet that has a clean presentation and is easy to get food from.

Disposable Dinnerware Collections
You don't have to sacrifice style when you use disposable dinnerware at your engagement party, bridal shower, wedding reception or anniversary celebration. Pair high-quality plasticware with a heavy-weight utensil set to give it a more realistic feel, but without all the dishes to do later.
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WNA Collection
With the WNA collection, you will get upscale plasticware that is sophisticated and stylish. 
Modern Square Collection
A collection of white, black, or marbled dinnerware fit for any occasion. 
Leafware Collection
For a rustic or eco-friendly affair, check out the biodegradable, compostable Leafware collection. 

Mini Disposable Catering Supplies

While your guests are mingling and getting ready to enjoy the party, serve up the perfect bite-sized foods with appetizer plates, spoons and picks that are just the right size. Keeping the appetizer portions small and plating them the right way will make the cocktail hours more enjoyable for everyone.
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Unique Bite-Sized Service
Skip a step and serve your bite-sized food right on the spoon or fork. Your guests will love the unique presentation as much as the tasty food.
Tasting Cups
These mini cups, plates, and appetizer forks are easy to hold while standing and hold the perfect amount of food.
Grab & Go Picks & Skewers
Keep everything together with these picks and skewers. Guests can easily grab and go without having to use tongs or touching other food.