Artistic mural brings vibrance to the front of Dean Supply

Students (left to right) Isaiah Neal, Yasmin Montgomery, and Jamal Gibson with professional muralist Eric Shickel (in hat).

Finally got a chance to catch up with our artist Eric Shickel and his team for the other day. They have finally came to a close on the mural, finishing a clear coat for endurance of the art this past week. This is Eric’s 15th or 20th mural, seems he has lost track since he has been doing this for so long and not all are public. He found his passion for art when he was just a child and chased his dream to pursue an artistic career. He holds a masters in art from the University of Cincinnati and his work can be seen all over town including Columbus, North Kentucky and Cincinnati.

The students were a riot and seemed to enjoy the work and listening to Eric’s quirky stories of painting murals and all the eccentric people he has met over the years. The students themselves even developed their own stories from this experience to carry on with them through the years to one day hopefully share with their students. For anybody asking, unfortunately at this time, the students are not for hire for any in-home projects. The three students present were Isaiah Neal, 16, junior at Ginn Academy, Jamal Gibson, 16, junior at Cleveland’s School of the Arts and Yasmin Montgomery, 15, sophomore at Cleveland’s School of the Arts. When asked to recall any momentous moments all three said there was just a lot of paint spilled during the process. The artist, Eric raved about working with all of his students and stated “They’re really sweet kids.”

Eric working on the mural

Eric discussed the opt technique used to create this imagery with high vivacity. The picture below illustrates two contrasting colors that have the same value and when you squint your eyes it appears to vibrate.  He chose these colors for that purpose, that and the vibrant colors are used for happiness. This technique is something you will have to visually see in person. So although it in itself is a beautiful piece, there is more depth to the image than just a picture painted, stop by and see for yourself!

An unveiling of the mural’s dedication plaque will be held Thursday August 22, 2013 at 5:30 p.m. where the artist, the students, their families, program officers of the City of Cleveland Mural My Neighborhood, Dean Supply owners, Ward 5 Councilwoman Phyllis Cleveland as well as anyone who would like to join will be invited to partake in refreshments and enjoy the art.

Optical illusion using bright colors with same values.

This student, Isaiah,  found a way to interact with the art, it appears the chef in the mural is handing the ginormous cherry to him.


Other artists not pictured: Ronnie Cosby Jr., Kristina Coster, Krystal Coster and Tonya Messam.

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Press Release for mural “Cleveland Food Heritage”

Historic mural gives new life to dull walls at local Cleveland Business.

On August 22, 2013, Dean Supply will host artist Eric Shickel, the Mural my Neighborhood program affiliates, the students and their families as well invite the community to gather in front of the mural for a plaque dedication unveiling.  Ward 5’s Councilwomen Phyllis Cleveland will be present to give brief remarks on the hard work and outstanding achievement of all the artists in their effort to beautify Cleveland.

Dean Supply was selected by the City of Cleveland to receive Mural my Neighborhood’s chosen artist Eric Shickel and ten of his students for the summer while they painted a mural on the front of the building.

The mural “Cleveland Food Heritage” painted at 3500 Woodland Ave. depicts the historical value of food distribution in Cleveland’s Ward 5, which has been home to the food terminal since 1929.

Every year the City of Cleveland’s Mural My Neighborhood selects two host sites as determined by wards. Each location accommodates ten students and one professional muralist for the summer in exchange for a captivating piece of art to wear for years to come.


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Red River BBQ Package Sweepstakes

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Introduction: The Sponsors of the contest reserve the right to change, alter, or otherwise tailor the following rules without notice.NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. NO WRITTEN RESPONSE NECESSARY. A PURCHASE OR PARTICULAR RESPONSE DOES NOT IMPROVE YOUR CHANCE OF WINNING. VOID WHERE PROHIBITED. This Contest will be governed by these standard terms and conditions, and accompanying Contest Details (collectively the “Terms”). Each entrant agrees that he/she has read and understood these Terms and by their participation in the Contest, each entrant agrees to be bound by these Terms.

Eligibility: Entry is available for all legal residents of the 50 United States and the District on Columbia ages 17 and over. Employees of the Sponsors, their parents, subsidiaries, affiliated companies, advertising agencies, agents and the immediate family (defined as parents, spouse, children, siblings, grandparents) of each such employees, and all those with whom such employees are domiciled, are NOT eligible.Timing:  Contest begins at 11:59a.m. eastern time on Friday, May 24, 2013, and ends at 11:59:59 p.m. eastern time on Monday, May 27, 2013.

How to Enter: Participants can enter to win by “liking” and Participants can increase their likelihood of winning by tweeting “Like @BKabb1 and @ShopatDean on Facebook to enter to #win a #RedRiverBBQ sauce package perfect for #summer grillin’.” on Twitter.
Prizes: The following prize will be awarded to 1 winners(1) 16oz bottle Red River Original BBQ sauce,(1) 16oz bottle Red River Spicy BBQ sauce, (1) 3oz package Red River Spice Rub, (1) BBQ mop, 3 piece grilling utensil set, and $25 gift card to Deans Supply .Prizes are subject to change without notice. Odds of winning depend upon number of entries.

Winners List: The winners shall be announced at  , on Tuesday, May 28, 2013. If winner requests confidentiality, only a first name and state will be provided.

Sponsors: The Sponsor of this Contest is Dean Supply and Chef B’s Creations. For information regarding this contest contact Jen at

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Weighing In

Food scales are not a common commodity in household kitchens, most would deem them for commercial use but that’s really not the case. They are useful in all kitchens, they warrant fast, repeatable precise measurements saving the chef or baker time, money and frustration.

Many are taught that a measuring cup is an effective tool in measuring dry ingredients but studies suggest it has an error of about 10%. For instance when measuring flour, some will use the scoop and scrape method, some will pact the ingredient into the cup and others will eyeball the measurement without scraping or packing the flour down. Recipes may turn out fine with slight variation but if you want to get the same exact taste every time a scale may be a better option for measuring your ingredients.

Using a scale will give you a correct measure with precise results every time and could make a difference especially when baking a loaf of bread. The weight scale doesn’t care whether the flour was sifted or not which could make a difference when using a measuring cup.

Ever try pouring 6 cups of flour and get distracted and wonder what cup you were on, do you start over or add another scoop to make sure enough was used? Scales eliminate this hassle, you will always know how much is in the bowl.  They are a “pour-as-you-go” measurement tool, consistently changing measurement to ensure you know exactly how much is in the bowl at all times. When you have precise measurements, the recipe is simple to repeat and you will get that same great taste every time.

Most things are supposedly okay for you in moderation and one of the nifty functions of using a scale, is measuring portions to ensure they are correct in portion size for you. This small task can make your weight loss goals obtainable when you still want to eat what you like. You may be surprised to see how much one should consume. Meat should be 3 oz and cheese 1.5 oz per serving. If you want to lose weight, are you eating proportionately?

 Check out these great scales on sale now at Dean Supply!





















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Shots for Everyone!

There are many pourers on the shelf, but which one is right for your business, home or function?




If your looking for a durable indefinite pourer with a flexible mold then the Spill-Stop 350 is bound to do the job and outlast all other options.      $2.17/each







Although, when purchasing pourers, you want to consider where the party is at. Many  refer to this pourer, the Spill-Stop 313 as “The One With a Screen”. Great for outdoor functions and bars, This plastic constructed Ban M pourer features a screen which helps keep bugs out of the liquor and maintains cleanliness as a high priority.

$8.50/ dozen






Finally, the third option is the Precision Pour 078CL, which pours accurate shots consistently helping to increase profits. This pourer helps bartenders refrain from over pouring and spilling which could save 2-4 shots per bottle meaning with one bottle, this pourer has paid for itself. Your consumers are sure to appreciate an adequate unchanging measure of liquor in their cocktails time after time.                    $32.46/dozen



 We suggest: Fallen Froggie


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