About Us

In 1950, brothers Sam, Lou, and Abe DeSatnik joined together to create the Dean Supply Company. Their first building was a small storefront on Carnegie Avenue in Cleveland, Ohio. They carried approximately 700 products including paper supplies, janitorial supplies and chemicals. One case at a time, they mixed their own cleaning products, sold closeout china and unclaimed freight, and filled their own bags of charcoal. By the year 1965, they had opened up one of the first cash and carry outlet stores of its kind in the country. Tragedy struck in 1973 when Dean Supply caught fire and the warehouse burned to the ground. Customers and vendors rallied around the brothers and help rebuild Dean Supply at a new location on Euclid Avenue.

In the 1980's, the second generation of Dean Supply took over the business and in May of 2001 relocated the headquarters and showroom to 3500 Woodland Avenue. Instead of moving out to the suburbs, the DeSatniks chose to remain within the city limits so as not to abandon their loyal customer base. Conveniently located just off the highway, Dean Supply is able to serve a wider geographic area.

Today, our mission is to be a growing leader in the Foodservice Industry by providing quality products at competitive prices, while offering the best possible customer service in an environment of mutual partnership with our employees, our community and our suppliers.