The Best Cocktail Recipes for Your Rockin’ Get Together

the best cocktail recipes


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The best cocktails combine a great variety of flavor, simple compliments and an element of surprise. Although that may sound like an intimidating quest, you don’t need to be a mixologist to create these tasty cocktails. Sometimes, the easiest of cocktails are often the most delicious and impressive. Don’t believe us, give one or more of the following of these delectable party drinks a go.

First, we have our favorite the cosmopolitan. This is a classic cocktail that pairs nicely with many different foods appealing to a variety of tastes. Also, with seven ingredients this delicious cocktail is a great way to start practicing your bartending skills. You will need a bar shaker and some martini glasses. The cosmopolitan is perfect for unwinding after a long day with your friends.

If you want to try sometime a little more tart and difficult, try a sparkling apple cocktail. This popular cocktail only has five ingredients, but the combination and execution are a little more difficult than the cosmopolitan. If you are looking for a little bit more of a challenge in a cocktail, then this is for you and is only a rocks glass away.

Are you planning a party? You will need a great party drink to bring everyone together and encourage them to cut loose. We highly suggest mixing up some Raspberry Beer. It’s a bubbly, pink cocktail for a big crowd. It mixes cool refreshing summer tastes with your favorite, classic beer. This is, of course, another easy cocktail to mix up for friends because when you are throwing a party easy and delicious recipes are a must.

We are turning up the heat with our next vodka drink. The sunset cocktail requires using the stove to do a little boiling, but once you mix the fruit with your melted sugar, you won’t regret it. This sweet, but not too overly sweet cocktail is perfect after a hearty meal and light enough to have with any creamy dessert. Along with the delicious mixture of vodka and sugary fruit, this cocktail is also easy on the eyes. This cocktail has a beautiful yellow to orange glow, which is how it earned its name.

For those of you who prefer your cocktails a little less sweet, you need to give our pear-rosemary cocktails a try. There is still sugar in the recipe to ensure that anyone will love this cocktail, but with pears being the only fruit involved, it is less sweet than most of our drinks on our popular cocktails list. This cocktail recipe calls for only 6 ingredients, so it is another one that is a little easier to make, but it does involve letting the vodka and pears marinate for at least two weeks, so don’t plan on making this cocktail for dinner tonight. Don’t worry though, this decadent drink is worth every minute you need to wait.

Don't want to work so hard? Grab a couple of sherry glasses and serve up some tasty liqueur or port. These smaller glasses work great for serving ice or dessert wine while maintaining a sophisticated presentation. If you have a crew that loves dessert, you can't go wrong with some elegant sherry glasses to serve up some satisfying sweetness. 

We are going to wrap up our list of best cocktail recipes with a bit of a challenge, but don’t fret; the outcome is definitely worth the extra effort. One of our favorite cocktails is the raspberry pomegranate champagne cocktail. It combines the tart bite of champagne with sweeter flavors of raspberry and pomegranate. This great combination along with the added surprise of raspberry sorbet makes this a great cocktail for any time of year and all occasions.

We couldn’t stop there; we have one more, our bonus drink. It is one that everyone will love. Even the pickiest beverage connoisseur will love this beverage! We are not going to just give this one away though, if you want to know the way to serve up the best drink for anyone, anywhere just give a quick click right here.

No matter the occasion some quick and easy cocktails are sure to be a hit. If you didn’t find the perfect drink recipe for your next event, don’t worry we have even more on our Pinterest page. You can also find some of our favorite products, dinner recipes, desserts, kitchen crafting ideas, and even special holiday pages there too. Please enjoy all of your cocktails and other adult beverages responsibly and the next time you need that little extra something in your kitchen, remember to there’s lots to buy at Dean Supply.

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