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Iodine Test Strips (IM-220) Iodine Test Paper. Sold as: Pack of 100. Time of Test: 60 Seconds. Color Comparison will indicate approximate strength of solution in parts per million (p.p.m.) available IODINE. Reading should be between 12.5 and 25 P.P.M.
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Chlorine Test Strips (CM-240) 10-200ppm Chlorine Test Paper Users of Chlorine based Sanitizer Solutions are required to have test kits on hand to ensure their sanitizer solutions meet Federal and State Health Department requirements. Micro Essential Laboratory, Inc. manufactures Chlorine Test Papers which measure the concentration of chlorine based sanitizers....
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Iodine Test Strips (IM-220) 50-225ppm Micro Iodine Test PaperThe Hydrion Micro Iodine Tester is a ten second "Dip and Read" test for the disinfectant range of iodophor solutions. Tear off a strip of test paper from the dispenser; immerse it in the solution and compare the resultant color with the...
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Quat Test Strips (QT-10) 0-400ppm Quat Test.To ensure effective sanitizing of food surfaces, users of Quaternary Ammonium Sanitizer Solutions are required to have a reliable test kit to measure the strength of their sanitizer solutions. These requirements are enforced by federal, state, and local health departments. The Hydrion QT-10 sanitizer...


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