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    6 products

    Fryer Oil and Cooking Oil from Dean Supply

    Keep your kitchen running smoothly with premium fryer oil and cooking oil.  Whether you're deep frying crispy appetizers or sautéing entrees, our selection of oils ensures you have just the right type for any culinary task. From vegetable oil and canola oil to peanut oil and specialty blends, find the perfect match for high-heat cooking or low-and-slow simmering.

    Bulk Frying Oil for Restaurants

    Keep your kitchen running smoothly with high-quality bulk frying oil, perfect for restaurants of all sizes. Our selection of bulk oils ensures that whether you're frying up crispy French fries, succulent chicken, or golden calamari, you can count on consistent flavors and textures every time.

    With our cost-effective solutions, you'll save money without sacrificing quality, making it easier to manage your food costs and keep your customers coming back for more. Choose from a variety of oil types, from classic canola oils to premium olive and peanut oils, all designed to handle the demands of a busy restaurant kitchen.

    Peanut Oil

    Experience the natural flavor and high smoke point of our Bulk Peanut Oil, perfect for pan frying, sautéing, and baking. With a subtle taste that doesn’t overpower your food, this oil is a versatile kitchen staple. Its consistency ensures you can cook at high temperatures without the risk of burning or unwanted smoke.

    Our Bulk Peanut Oil is also ideal for food service providers and large-scale cooking. You get not only quality but also quantity, ensuring that your kitchen stays stocked with this essential ingredient without constant reordering.

    Canola Oil

    Keep your kitchen well-stocked with our high-quality Bulk Canola Oil, ideal for a range of culinary needs. With its light flavor and high smoke point, it's perfect for frying, baking, and salad dressings. This versatile oil is a must-have for any bustling kitchen, offering both value and performance.

    Soybean Oil

    Keep your kitchen stocked and your dishes delicious with our Bulk Soybean Oil. Ideal for various culinary applications, this versatile oil is perfect for frying, baking, and creating scrumptious salad dressings. Its neutral flavor and high smoke point make it a go-to choice for cooks seeking a reliable oil that won't overpower the taste of their dishes.

    Buying in bulk ensures that you have an ample supply for all of your cooking and baking needs. Furthermore, bulk purchasing offers excellent cost savings, making it not only a smart choice for your recipes but also for your budget.

    Extra Virgin Olive Oil

    Get your kitchen stocked with our premium-grade Bulk Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Experience the rich, fruity flavor and peppery finish that our carefully sourced olives provide. Perfectly balanced for a multitude of dishes, our olive oil adds a touch of gourmet quality to your creations. From vinaigrettes to sautés, elevate your culinary delights with a generous pour of our top-quality olive oil.

    Fryer Oil Frequently Asked Questions

    The best oil to use in a fryer is one with a high smoke point, such as peanut oil, canola oil, or vegetable oil. These oils can withstand high cooking temperatures without smoking or breaking down, making them ideal for deep frying. Choosing an oil with a neutral flavor will also prevent it from impacting the taste of the food.

    The frequency of changing fryer oil can vary depending on the volume of food being cooked, the type of food, and the type of oil being used. As a general guideline, oil in deep fryers should be changed after every 5 to 7 days of moderate usage. However, in a high-volume cooking environment, it's recommended to assess the oil quality daily and change it when it shows signs of degradation, such as off odors, flavors, or excessive smoke at lower temperatures.

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