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$ 12.80
Bar-Maid Fly Bye Fruit Fly Trap 2/Pack (FLY-BYE) FLY-BYE™ gives restaurant and the bar industry an effective tool to help control fruit flies. The traps utilizes a 2 part, food-based attractant to entice fruit files into the trap where they are unable to escape. Fruit flies are not just a...
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Fruit Fly & Insect Killer Once freed from its specially fabricated foil package, the exposure to air activates the key ingredients in Fruit Fly Bar Pro. Like an air freshener, the time released vapor fills the air and every crack and crevice of an approximate 200 cubic foot space. Any...
$ 8.99
Ant and Roach Killer 15 oz (438-5107) Use this spray as a spot and crevice treatment to control cockroaches, fleas, ticks, water bugs and other insects. Spray surfaces until wet but not to the point of runoff. Protects Up to 3 Weeks against Sow Bugs. Protects Up to 2 week...
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$ 9.49
FS + Multi-Purpose Insecticides 15 oz (438-5113) Use this spray as a surface and crack-and-crevice Insecticide that kills cockroaches, carpenter ants, carpenter bees, centipedes and other insects. Spray surfaces until wet but not to the point of runoff. For Use in Food and Non-Food Areas. Multi-purpose food-service insecticide. Kills flying and Crawling...
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From $ 7.10
14 Oz Jet Force Wasp & Hornet Killer (005) Case Quantity: 12. Available in a 14 Oz. Aerosol can. Contains Tetramethrin and other active ingredients which, in combination, provide rapid contact kill and rapid knockdown of wasps, yellow jackets and hornets.. Dielectric strength of 41,000 volts. Long-range spray.
From $ 8.78
20 Oz Bug Buster Insect Killer (271) This water-based insecticide is formulated with the botanical insecticide Pyrethrins, an extract from the Chrysanthemum flower, for quick killing of flying insects. Bug Buster kills flying insects such as clothes moths, stable flies, horse flies, face flies, deer flies, house flies, gnats, flying...
$ 44.07
Fly Web Indoor Fly Trap Light Create an insect-free environment with FlyWeb insect management from Gardner. Efficient & Non Toxic For use in Indoors in residential and commercial areas, kitchens, offices, etc. Fruit flies, house flies, bottle flies, gnats, mosquitoes, yellow jackets, moths, and Asian lady beetles. Contemporary styling. Plugs into...
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$ 1.99
Ant and Roach Spray Plus Germ Killer 17.5 oz (HG-96301) Kills Bugs on Contact. Lasts up to 12 weeks on Non-Porous Surfaces. Eliminates 99.9% of Germs Left Behind By Insects. Fresh Floral Scent. Can Height 10 Inches. Can Diameter on Bottom: 2-1/2 Inches, Sold as: 1 Can.
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$ 5.75
Source Kill Ant Bait Gel (55901) 6/Pack Easier and cleaner to use than sprays/foggers. Targets nest. Good for long-term control. Can be used in several locations simultaneously. No monitoring needed. Sold as: 1 Pack.
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