Ramekins & Sauce Cups

Whether for dipping, baking, or presenting, find the perfect Ramekins to complement your culinary needs.

119 products

    119 products

    Ramekins & Sauce Cups from Dean Supply

    Add flair to your table setting with our selection of versatile ramekins and sauce cups. Perfect for serving condiments, dips, and individual portions, these durable and stylish pieces are a must-have for any kitchen or catering arsenal.

    Choose from an array of sizes, materials, and designs to match your dining ambience or event theme. Our ramekins and sauce cups are not just practical; they're also designed to withstand the demands of both home and commercial use.

    Sauce Cups in Multiple Materials

    Choose from our diverse selection of sauce cups designed to meet your every need. Whether you prefer the classic elegance of Ceramic, the durability of Melamine, the sleek shine of Stainless Steel, the versatility of Plastic, the clarity of Glass, the natural touch of Bamboo, or the lightweight resilience of Acrylic, we've got you covered. Each material offers its own unique benefits to complement your dining experience.

    Our sauce cups come in various sizes and styles, ensuring that whether you're serving a tangy barbecue dip or a delicate aioli, you'll find the perfect match. The variety of materials not only caters to different aesthetics but also to functional requirements like temperature maintenance, dishwasher safety, and break resistance.

    Find the Right Size Ramekins

    Choosing the perfect size Ramekin for your culinary creations is easy with our wide selection of options. For dainty dips and sauces, our smaller 0.5oz to 2oz ramekins are just right. If you're serving single bites or mini desserts, the 3oz or 4oz sizes will be your go-to.

    For individual servings of creme brulee or pots de creme, the 5oz to 6oz ramekins are the ideal choice. To serve generous portions of soufflés, baked eggs, or molten lava cakes, opt for the larger 8oz to 12oz ramekins. With our range of sizes, you'll find the ideal match for all your baking and serving needs.