Saving Money: Ordering Cheap Wine Glasses Online

How to order cheap wine glasses online

Shopping for cheap wine glasses online is not exactly simple.  Sure, price is the first factor, but then other variables do come into play like quality, shipping costs, reviews, and how fast you can get them.  Obviously, you want to make sure that the wine glasses you buy were made to a standard that are safe to drink out of and that will last more than two times.  So, if you are now trying to answer how do you do that, let us help.  

Semantics and Searches

Searching the old World Wide Web to find some heavily discounted stemware will give you more choices than you have time for.  That's why it's imperative that you first narrow your search.  Use, long-tail keywords to drill down the results like cheap wedding wine H0651 Wine Glassglasses or stemless wine glasses cheap.  

Look, the word cheap does not have to equal poor quality.  If you replaced the word “cheap” with discount, inexpensive, low-priced, economical, budget, or bargain they still mean the same thing.  However, many online retailers use the word cheap in their listings to drive the point across that these are wine glasses are priced really low.

Foodservice Quality

When searching for quality, aim high.  Foodservice ready glassware is made to take a beating and last longer than glassware made for the home due to rigorous use and washing.  This doesn’t mean these wine glasses will have a large price tag.  Deals on glassware ready for restaurant tables and bar tops can be found anywhere.

Glassware Brands

Look for the well known foodservice glassware companies when looking for cheap wine glasses.  Besides their relentless efforts to focus on quality, these companies also have the ability to produce a greater supply of stemware at a discounted cost. Some of our favorites are Libbey Glassware, Anchor Hocking, Cardinal, and Oneida.

Free Shipping?

Libbey 0924606No one likes paying for shipping anymore. has made shipping costs a thing of the past.  However, many smaller online retailers can’t afford to sell inexpensive  wine glasses and absorb the shipping cost as well.  So, they will increase the price of the product to include shipping costs.  With that being said, when comparing glasses, make sure to calculate total delivery costs into your comparison.  

Current Good Cheap Wine Glasses at Dean Supply

Below we have listed many of our cheap wine glasses under the price of $2.00 per glass. We can also say for certain that these glasses are not filled with imperfections nor are they manufacturer seconds. And if you are looking for even more options, check out all of our available wine glasses. Serving ice or dessert wines? We also have sherry glasses (or port glasses) that are affordable as well as beautiful! 

  1. $1.49/Glass 16 Oz Cardinal H0651 Rutherford Balloon Wine Glass 
  2. $1.66/Glass 10 Oz Cardinal E9305 Plastic Wine Glasses 6/Box 
  3. $1.68/Glass 15 Oz Libbey 213 Stemless Wine Glass 
  4. $1.89/ Glass 11.75 Oz Cardinal E6100 Grands Cepages White Wine Glass 
  5. $1.92/Glass 12 Oz Libbey 092486 Gourmet Grand Vina Wine Glasses 12/Case 
  6. $1.99/Glass 13.75 Oz Cardinal U1903 Arom 'Up Oaky Stem Wine Glass 
  7. $1.99/Glass 22 Oz Libbey 7521 Vina Cabernet Wine Glass
For the last time, there’s no shame in trying to find the cheapest supplies available as long as you do some research. Thus, if you are trying to save some cash for your upcoming wedding, special event, or foodservice operation consider purchasing cheaper wine glasses to keep the costs down.

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