4 Reasons to Buy Cardinal Dinnerware from Dean Supply

Setting up a restaurant has a lot of costs. Cardinal dinnerware can help you keep those costs down while providing you with a number of additional benefits. If you own or manage a restaurant, you have a lot of choices to make. And, let’s be honest, those choices are going to be based off of the economic principle of opportunity cost. You often have to decide what you want at the cost of something else. With Cardinal dinnerware, though, you’re typically making the right choice for the right reasons and you’re not losing something else you need.


The Cost of Cardinal Dinnerware

One of the first things that you are going to look at when it comes to stocking your restaurant with dinnerware is the cost. How many plates, bowls, glasses, and mugs do you need? How many tables do you have and how quickly can you flip them? How quickly can the dishwasher clean dishes in time for the next service? How many do you figure you are going to lose to breakage, mistakes, and theft? You need something that is going to keep your costs down. Cardinal dinnerware can do just that for you. And, when you purchase with the added buying power of Dean Supply, you’re going to end up with an even better deal.


What About the Dinnerware Quality?

Okay, so you can get Cardinal dinnerware for a great price from Dean, but what about quality. You certainly don’t want to serve your guests on something just one step above paper plates, do you? Of course not, or you wouldn’t be looking for dinnerware. Cardinal dinnerware has an excellent quality. One of the things that makes it great is its fully tempered material, making it three times stronger than standard ceramic dishes. Here’s why that matters to you. First, it cuts down your breakage, which means you have lower cost. You have less chipping and a heavier dish. This adds to the perceived value of the food that people are being served. If people think the food they are being served is being served on higher quality dishes, then the food itself takes on a higher value which in turn means the food can be sold for more or the overall value for the diner is enhanced.


What are My Options?

Dean Supply stocks a large inventory of Cardinal dinnerware. Where other supply companies may provide a few options for your restaurant to choose from, we pride ourselves on our business partnership with Cardinal, always stocking a wide variety of styles and colors for you to choose from. This means we can have it to you quicker than our competitors and don’t have to add extra fees on for ordering something we don’t normally carry and have to order in, because we do carry it and we do have it in stock. Make sure you find the style of dinnerware you want and don’t just settle for what your supplier has in stock. Go with Dean’s and find the style you want already available for delivery.


The Uniqueness of Cardinal Dinnerware

One of the great things about the excellent value and large inventory of Cardinal dinnerware here at Dean Supply is that you can have a unique look for your restaurant. You don’t have to have those same boring white plates your competitors do. Stand out and offer your customers something different. We’ll help you do just that. Even with similar dishes being served, serving them on different dishes can have a psychological effect on your customers. If it looks different, it is all the more different. Let us help you find the Cardinal dinnerware that best serves your purposes and matches your branding while being able to deliver in optimal time for a great price.

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