Barmaid Glass Polisher GP100

Behind the bar, the most important thing is pouring the next drink. So making sure that the glassware in which the drinks are served is clean and polished is important. It's especially important to do it quickly. That's where the Barmaid GP100 Glass Polisher comes into play. The Barmaid GP100 Glass Polisher is capable of helping barbacks polish up to 300 glasses per hour. Its rotating polishing heads polish both the inside and outside of the glass for a consistent polish. A continuous flow of warm air hits the polishing heads to keep them dry for effective polishing. Those polishing heads are easily removable and dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. For more from Barmaid and the GP100 Glass Polisher, click here.  For product pricing and availablitiy, contact our customer service department at 

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