Beer Tap Plugs Save Your Beer In More Ways Than One

Have problems with fruit flies?  How about keeping your taps free of contaminants?  Both issues can be solved with one product, the Kleen-Plug San Jamar!  These plugs fit all tap sizes and clean your taps while keeping the fruit flies at bay.  The Kleen-Plug is the perfect solution for your tap cover needs! 

beer tap plugs from San Jamar

Kill two birds with one stone with the
Kleen-Plug from San Jamar.  This plug not only keeps the bar fruit flies from flying into your beer tap and contaminating the beer, but it is also a tough, durable brush that cleans the yeast and sediment inside your taps "for a fresher, better tasting beer", which your customers prefer. So don't waste all of your time covering bar taps with film or other methods, just plug in a Kleen-Plug from San Jamar never worry about dirty taps again!

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