Caramel Apples And The Bubbles They Come In

caramel apple packagingWith the fall season rapidly approaching, we watch the leaves turn and brace for the impending cooler weather.  We close our pools and sit around bonfires reminiscing of the fun we had over the summer and what we have to look forward to this fall.  

In my younger years, I would always get excited to go apple picking late in September and early October.  The Jonagolds, Red Delicious and Granny Smith apples always tasted better when they were freshly picked but I would wait to bring them home so we could dip them in caramel first.  I was always the one to carry these sweet treats into my grandmother's house when our whole family would get together, excited to share them with everyone. 

Nowadays, we can't always find time to go to my grandmother's house, but I still remember those times and want to share those memories, so I send out caramel apples to all of my loved ones using plastic food containers.  These caramel or candy apple bubbles are perfect to showcase your beautiful decorations while preserving them for delivery or storage.  

So the next time you want to share a fond memory with your loved ones, or just a sweet treat, make sure to pick up a 25 pack of these candy apple bubbles from Dean Supply and enjoy the fall season!  These food containers are going fast, so hurry in or place your online order and stock up!

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