29 Awesome Ways To Use A Tasting Plate

tasting plate being used as a trowelThere are many different uses for these versatile tasting plates from American Metalcraft.  Need a little hand-held garden hoe to help plant some seeds and a sturdy sign for your garden that won’t blow away in harsh weather?  How about a putty knife?  All of these obstacles have one solution.  A tasting plate from American Metalcraft.

That’s right folks; these handy little catering plates are not just for serving appetizers at soirees anymore.  Serve business cards at your desk or dead bugs right to the trash can.  Paint numbers or designs on them and use as table signs or a work of art!  Make your display case items pop by having them rest on these tasting plates.

Looking for a more practical, everyday use for these plates?  Set your wine down on your new industrial style set of coasters or cut and serve slices of cheese with the same tool (#mindblown)!  Are you into painting?  Use these plates as a tiny paint palette and create a masterpiece! 

lego chef using tasting plate as slideThese food tasting plates are not just for adults either!  Set a tasting dish upside down at the bottom of a Hot Wheels® ramp and launch cars into the air!  Incorporate them into your next super sweet Lego® town and wow all of the Lego® people!  Bring them into your sandbox and shovel or scoop sand wherever you want it!

Did we mention you can also serve appetizers on these small dishes?

At 19¢ apiece, anyone can have a creative side – here are some examples we have found of how a triangle tasting plate and oval tasting plate from American Metalcraft can be used.  Pick one up today and tell us how YOU use it!


  1. Food sampler - First and foremost, this serving item is a plate - we think.  Provide delicious food samples to guests and loved ones at your next party or event!  Like sushi or pastries, but nothing messy.  Chicken wings and pasta salad might be too much.
  2. Dead bug scoop - Easily pick up bugs and other objects you don't necessarily want to touch with your hands - like those dead flies in your office.  
  3. Scraper - Use to scrap off old paint or ice off of the car in the winter season!
  4. Use multiples to create art - Stock up on these little dessert tasting plates and use your imagination! We heard they were at Burning Man this year.  
  5. Display case knick-knack - Make your Lladro collection stand out! An excellent addition to any collection.
  6. Hand-held garden hoe - Make perfectly straight drenches in your garden with style! 
  7. Prying tool (mini crowbar) - Lock yourself out again?  Pry that door open with the power of stainless-steel! Store under the Welcome Mat for convenience. 
  8. Putty knife - Carry and apply putty to divots and holes in walls with ease! Take that Al Borland!
  9. Smoothing tool - Smooth out that putty by using the plate's edge!
  10. Letter opener - Sometimes letters can be difficult to open, that's why you should always carry a tasting plate!
  11. Cheese slicer - Cut through cheese using the edge of this lil guy and serve it to guests on the same plate!
  12. Coaster - Never worry about water drips or rings again using these bad boys as coasters!
  13. Dog 'mess' scoop - It's a messy job, at least look good doing it...
  14. Small painting palette - For the artist in all of us, these plates can mix paint and bring your canvas to life!
  15. Desk mount for charging cords - Mount one of these tasting plates to your desk and store your cell phone or wrap your charging cords around it to keep them in place - screws not included.
  16. Table sign - Use these tasting plates as table identifiers with a little paint!
  17. Garden sign - Mount the handle of the dish to a stake or poll in the garden and never worry about your sign blowing away or falling apart.
  18. Toy ramp for Hot Wheels® - Fun for all!  See how far you can launch toy cars with these tasting dishes!
  19. Separator (stick in sideways between two objects and turn) - Wires in the way?  This plate is perfect to split and separate sheathed wiring so you can get between!
  20. Star of David - Create this holiday ornament with two tasting plates overlapping in either a hammered or a smooth finish.
  21. Cell phone stand - Mount your new cell phone stand - plate facing up to a desk by the handle and set your device in it.  Makes checking your phone a breeze!
  22. Back scratcher - Hit those hard to reach places with an extra 3 inches.  Relief is just a tasting plate away!
  23. Bookmark - Don't forget what page you are on!  Use as a durable placeholder in your favorite book and easily open back up to where you left off.
  24. Dry erase marker holder (when mounted above or behind a dry erase board) - Store your dry erase markers right on the board when you mount this plate above or behind a dry erase board (works better with the oval tasting plates rather than the triangle plates).
  25. Shoehorn - Effortlessly ease your heels into your favorite pair of shoes with an oval tasting plate.  The triangle plate will work too but you have to use the right angle.
  26. Christmas tree ornament - Paint the triangle sized tiny plate green and add a paper trunk to the bottom and you now have a Christmas tree ornament! Warning: The use of power tools may be needed for this project.  The larger the drill the better.
  27. Marketing tool – Serve information or giveaways to customers and potential customers in style!
  28. Business card holder - Place the little guy on your desk and fill it with a stack of your business cards.  You now have a simplistic, modern-looking business card holder!
  29. Lego® town equipment - Turn one of these plates upside down to create bridges, platforms or cover for your Lego® town!  Don't hide it, we know you have one...

We know there must be other ways to use this fun side dish.  Let us know in the comments below what you think we missed.  Thanks for reading!

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