32 Holiday Gifts For Chefs

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Dean Supply Holiday Gift Guide


32 Gift Ideas For Chefs and People Who Enjoy Cooking, Baking and Life

Libbey Glass 20 Piece Just Baking Set

Our Price: $11.99/Set Others: $48.99/Set

This 20 piece baking set is ideal for anyone who uses a kitchen. While the baking dishes are obviously great for bakers, look at all of the small bowls and containers you get. The pie dish can easily be used for other uses in the kitchen, like portioning and prepping. Ya know, like Rachael Ray style!


Vollrath 12 Oz Cocktail Shakers Oval

Our Price: $7.99 Others: $27.20

Know a mixologist or someone who thinks they are a mixologist? Check out these double walled cocktail shakers. Packaged in a cool little box, these cocktail shakers make great gifts for any bartender. Oh and they are pretty stylish too - meaning even if they never get used, they will look great on the shelf! 

Winco Pastry Tip set

Winco 52 Piece SS Decorating Tip Set

Our Price: $33.65


Ateco pastry tube set

Ateco 55 Piece Decorating Pastry Tube Set

Our Price: $35.69

If you know someone who got the baking itch from watching all of those cake decorating shows on the Food Network than these cake decorating supplies are for them. With 52 and 55 decorating tips to pick from they will be designing 12 foot tall wedding cakes in no time - all because of your thoughtfulness. Now give yourself a hug!

 cocktail set

Professional Home and Bar Cocktail Set

Our Price: $33.43

It will be hard for the person you buy this cocktail set for to screw up your next drink. Includes 6 bartender tools that we can only hope will improve the quality of your next drink.

professional chef knife set

Victorinox 7-Piece Fibrox Culinary Cutlery Set

Our Price: $100.99

Starting out in the restaurant world is no easy feat for a chef. Long hours, leg cramps, pressure from just about everyone, and to top it off territorial behavior around one’s cutlery. The only help you may be able to offer a friend who has chosen this path is a brand new 7 piece professional chef knife set. It won’t cure their leg soreness, but will put a smile on their face that they won’t have to fight over the best chef knife every night.

 mortar and pestle

Focus Stainless Steel Mortar & Pestle

Our Price: $25.31

For those of you who have just discovered Guacamole due to every restaurant chain who now offers the guacamole for 99 cents extra, this one is for you. Anyone can make a mean guacamole recipe with this stainless mortar set. Ready?! Grab some avocados, lemon juice, tomatoes, chilies, a dash of salt and pepper and mortar with your pestle. Or gift it with a bag of tortilla chips so that your friend gets the hint.


garnish set

Tablecraft 9-piece Garnish Set

Our Price: $47.94

Know an aspiring an artist who likes to play with their food? Let them take their craft to whole new level with this 9-piece garnish set. Tomatoes can be turned into roses, carrots into palm trees, and radishes into flowers. Give the gift of creativity with fruit carving tools.


American Metalcraft Professional Wine Opener Set

Our Price: $14.99 Others: $25.23

The perfect gift for every wine drinker, the rabbit wine opener comes with its own stand and foil cutter. Your recipient will never encounter a wine bottle again too tough to be opened.

measuring cup set

Vollrath 4 Piece Measuring Cup Set

Our Price: $14.95

You may not win any awards giving a measuring cup set as a gift but answer this question: what kitchen would be operational without a set of measuring cups? I think you have your answer. Besides they are stainless steel, graduated, and have a no-spill pouring spout.

margarita gift set

Libbey 5 Piece Glass Margarita Gift Set

Our Price: $9.99 Others: $25.23

Everyday is a fiesta with this 5 piece margarita gift set. Easily gift wraps so really all you need is some tequila, lime or lemon juice, and some triple sec. Bueno!


4 piece rocks glasses set

Libbey Monclova 4 Piece Rocks Glass Set

Our Price: $3.99

No kitchen cabinet should be without a set of rocks glasses. The wider brim up top suggests that these Libbey glass cocktail glasses can be used for the old fashioned cocktail. How can you beat a quality glassware set for under 5 dollars?

Adcraft Stainless Steel Deluxe 7 Piece Cookware Set

Our Price: $80.75

Who doesn’t want a set of new cookware? If you know a new homeowner or someone with an induction stove, this cookware set is makes a perfect gift. The pots and pans set includes: sauce pans, fry pans, and a dutch oven.

lodge cast iron skillet

Lodge Logic Skillet Cast Iron

Our Price: $61.86

It has been said that the cast iron skillet should be in every kitchen. Others have gone to lengths that the cast iron skillet could be used for almost every meal. We don’t know about that, but we do know is if someone gave us one as a gift, we might certainly try!


professional meat tenderizer

Chefmaster Professional Meat Tenderizer With 48 Blades

Our Price: $18.56

Give the gift of tenderizing love with this 48 blade meat tenderizer from Chefmaster. By punching holes in meat allows the meat to be chewed easier and allows the marinating dressings and spices to be absorbed evenly and fast.


Pro Chopper Vegetable Dicer

Chefmaster Pro Chopper

Our Price: $4.95

Here’s a kitchen tool your friend doesn’t have. Sure it's not a fancy kitchen gadget but those break easily anyways. The Pro Chopper can cut, dice and even mince on cutting boards or in the salad bowl. Versatile as a food chopper and affordable which makes it a great stocking stuffer.


Double Melon Baller

Victorinox Double Melon Baller

Our Price: $21.56

This kitchen tool gets the user digging perfect balls out of melons and other soft fruits. You can be assured this melon baller kitchen utensil will last for years considering it is made by Victorinox which is the same company that makes quality kitchen and durable outdoor gear.


Vegetable Spaghetti Maker

Winco Turning Vegetable Spaghetti Maker

Our Price: $58.18

Veggie Pasta? Sounds silly right? Wrong! If you or your friends haven’t been turning zucchinis and squashes into vegetable noodles you have been missing out. Seriously, it's awesome! The vegetable spiralizer is an unconventional gift for an unconventional kitchen.


3 tier clam steamer

Clam Steamers (Available between August-October)

Starting at: $242.35

This may be a Midwest thing, but we love to throw clambakes. It could be the craft beer, the great company, or a reason to throw a party but either way we love them. We also know the importance of having a quality clam steamer that will withstand many seasons of use. Our clam steamers make a great gift for anybody who enjoys a clambake. Note: Now taking orders for 2016.

french fry cutter

Winco French Fry Cutter

Our Price: $135.38

Give a man a french fries and feed him a snack; give a man a french fry cutter and feed him french fries forever. Are you loving it?

balck oven mitts

Chef Revival 24” Black Oven Mitts

Our Price: $13.79

Yes, we know these oven mitts are long. Really long. Like really super long. Ok, we know. but at least there will be no part of the arm is exposed when digging into the back of the oven. Save the hairs on a friend's biceps this holiday season with this oven mitt.


wood pizza peels

Pizza Peels

Starting at: $8.52

Maybe not for everyone, but if you know someone who has a large pizza oven any of our pizza peels will do the trick. Be forewarned, there are plenty of choices so you might want to slyly do some diligence as to what is preferred. Wood handles are great when taking heat transfer into consideration. Can also be used to slide under breads, pastries, and other delicate baked goods.


Victorinox Chef knife

Victorinox Chef’s Knife Rosewood Handle

Our Price: $59.99

This holiday season instead of buying a cheap chef’s knife that will fall apart in 6 months, buy a chef’s knife from Victorinox. The organic softness of the Victorinox chef knife resonates with every movement from blade to handle. Actually, it’s great present for any celebration.


Waring Quik Stik Immersion Blender

Our Price: $66.00

Give the power of handheld blending this holiday season with this immersion blender. Put ingredients in bowl and turn on hand held blender. It is lightweight and cleans up quickly which is always ideal when given to those who have a knack to get messy.

vacuvin wine saver

Vacuvin Wine Saver

Our Price: $10.19

Do you know someone in your life that never finishes a bottle of wine but wants to savor every last drop? Enter Vacu Vin Wine Saver. This handy little bar tool will lengthen the taste and quality of each bottle by creating an airtight vacuum.


wine bottle display

3 Bottle Display with Chalkboard

Our Price: $60.30

Obviously a strange gift for some, but this bottle display is great for those who entertain and want to provide their guests a unique way to showcase what wine they have available for the night. It might be overkill for a household of two that Netflix it every night. Then again, we won’t judge.


Wooden Tea Boxes

Starts at: $8.67

The tea box with the glass top has been one of our popular gift items over the years. Use for tea storage and easily display all of one’s favorite teas that are neatly organized in this modern tea chest.


Glass French Press

6 Liter French Press

Our Price: $16.15

We love coffee. The stuff is addicting. It’s science. Maybe you have a friend that feels the same way. Instead of buying them one of those pod eaters, give them a reusable french press coffee maker that requires no coffee filters or costly plastic pods.

Revolving Cake Stand

12” Rotating Cake Stand

Our Price: $58.22

Baking a cake takes time and patience. The larger the cake, the greater the skill set. If you know someone who excels at baking a cake, then get them a cake stand this holiday season. They will be impressed with how easy it is to spin their cake around so that everyone can get a bite.

Marine Fish Platter

Cardinal 10” Marine Platter

Our Price: $2.99 Each Others: $7.55

Designed in the shape of one happy fish, this glass fish platter from Cardinal glass makes a cool serving piece on any dinner table.   Can be used as a serving dish, a dinner plate or as a display piece.  

Guinness Glass

Guinness Pint Glass 16 Oz

Our Price: $0.99

“A wise man invented beer. A smart man drinks it. But a genius drinks Guinness.” Those words alone are reasons why you can’t ignore a Guinness glass as a gift for someone special.

Unbreakable Wine Glasses

Unbreakable Wine Glasses 6/ Box

Our Price: $9.99

If you know someone who can’t mix wine and glass get them unbreakable wine glasses. These heavy plastic wine glasses are meant for those around patios and pools but can used anywhere.

Dean Supply has over 20,000 items so it’s difficult to choose which items will be best used as gifts. If the 32 items in this gift guide didn’t appeal to you, check out our clearance products and our food preparation supplies categories for more Christmas gift ideas. Also, if you think we missed some of the essentials, please leave your suggestions in the comments section. Happy Holidays!

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