Kitchen Utensil List: 6 Must Haves for Every Kitchen

Kitchen Utensil List

We all have been there, we are standing in the kitchen looking over the stove, watching our dish come together while embracing the delicious scent. All of sudden, the pan in the back starts to boil over, the noodles are starting to burn, the vegetables are fully steamed, and the protein needs flipped.  We reach in the drawer and are greeted by an array of kitchen utensils. We grab the spoon as our fix all. We struggle to grasp the larger vegetables, we can’t stop the water from boiling over and we just dropped the protein on the floor as we were trying to remove it from the pan. The struggle is real and had we grabbed the right kitchen utensils from the drawer, we might have saved dinner.

Here are 6 utensil must haves that are there to save you in the kitchen in the stickiest of situations.

1. Wasted ingredients stuck in the bowl

Solution: Bowl Scraper

The bowl scraper is a classic and essential piece to any kitchen. When the brownie batter is stuck on the side of your bowl, the scraper comes to the rescue. Scrapers are not just for baking, they can save you from running out of an essential ingredient by ensuring you get all of it out of the container and into your dish.  There are many different sizes and variations of bowl scrapers available, so having a set is recommended but even one can be the difference from perfection to over seasoned.

2. Dense ingredients won’t break down

Solution: French whip

The french whip for is great for smoothing and mixing. When the recipe requires a smooth texture, consider using a french whip.  This utensil is versatile and can handle vigorous stirring.  The french whip is good at breaking down both fine or coarse solids and liquids of various densities.  Using a french whip is a better option than using standard spoons as they produce even mixtures.  Just like the bowl scraper, the french whip is available in a variety of sizes, depending on the volume you are mixing, try using a different size to achieve a smoother texture.

3. Water is boiling over

Solution: Wooden Spoon

The wooden spoon is the epitome of kitchen supplies. This utensil will mix, whip and scrape anything.  It is harder to reach a smooth consistency with the spoon than the french whip, but it is still easily a kitchen essential as its versatility is much needed in the kitchen.  Along with mixing the capabilities of the wooden spoon it also can be used to assist you when you are boiling water.  If you place a wooden spoon across the top of your pot it will prevent the water from boiling over.

4. Uneven cooking due to heat rotation

Solution: Tongs

A set of tongs is great for grabbing and moving. Safety is so important when you are in the kitchen.  Ensure the preservation of your fingers and hands with a set of tongs.  Tongs are great for rotating hot items whether they are on the grill, in the oven or boiling on the stovetop.  

Don’t  grab ingredients with your fingers! It contaminates food and can cause yourself unnecessary harm. Tongs are available in a variety of styles and colors. There are also plastic tongs that are a great go-to for serving cold dishes. We don’t recommend them for the everyday home use since they are not designed to be washed and reused, it is better to invest a little more money in a metal set of tongs for everyday use that can withstand the temperatures.

5. Watery dishes

Solution: Perforated basting spoon

A perforated basting spoon is perfect for serving and separating. Most great recipes are intricate processes that require combination, separation and skill.  These steps all need to be timed and expertly executed. But, sometimes, we make mistakes and add a bit too much of something and now we have to separate and salvage what is still good without risking the loss of the whole mean. The perforated basting spoon allows you cook and serve your dishes as they were designed or how you see fit.  This kitchen utensil will allow even a novice chef to embrace more difficult recipes.

6. Burgers are burning

Solution: Turner

The heavy duty turner ensures an even cook. Tongs are great for most flipping and turning, but sometimes you just need a turner.  Turners are necessary for meats, larger items and for items that are prone to sticking.  Along with the traditional use of flipping your meats and other dense items, turners have many other uses.  Turners are used to chop, smooth out toppings and move ingredients in the pan.

Cooking is not for the faint of heart.  It requires risk, confidence, courage, and imagination.  When you are crafting your next masterpiece make sure that you are prepared with these essential kitchen utensils because it could be the difference between enjoying a delicious home-cooked meal and ordering take out- again.

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