Advantages of Combination Ovens

Advantages of Combination Ovens

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     Revolutionizing the commercial kitchen, the combination oven is one of the most modern cooking appliances on the market. Using both the power of convection and steam heat, combination ovens, or combis, add immense versatility to any commercial kitchen and menu. If you are just learning about combi ovens or if you are looking to add one to your space, here are some benefits you can  expect to see almost immediately when adding this advanced cooking appliance to your lineup. 

Uses Both Convection and Steam Heat Methods

     Combi ovens are all about controlling temperature and humidity in the cavity. They use the power of both convection and steam to transfer heat to foods – individually and combined. Convection heat circulates hot air around the chamber to cook and brown foods evenly while a precise percentage of steam humidity is simultaneously injected into the oven cavity. This process ensures that foods cook thoroughly and evenly without damaging or compromising its integrity. This dual heating technology allows operators to cook anything from roasted meats to steamed vegetables just by changing the temperature setting. 

Precise Temperature & Humidity Control 

     The heart of any combi oven is its core cavity where the food is cooked. No matter what combi oven you use, temperature, time and humidity are the three most important functions to get the cooking results desired. The word combi does not exist without the ability to control all these functions accurately in the oven cavity. No matter if you are cooking in convection or steam heat, you are always dealing with humidity in the cavity. As foods heat, moisture is removed, creating humidity. Combis can control what the food is releasing in terms of humidity during the cooking process by opening or closing vents to capture or release excess humidity, creating an environment where steam and humidity are added to the cavity at any temperature.

Accomplish Nearly All Cooking Methods

     Because of the dual heating inside of the combi oven, there are many different cooking methods that can be accomplished. Here are some of the most popular cooking methods for your combi oven:

  • Baking
  • Grilling
  • Roasting
  • Steaming 
  • Broiling 
  • Boiling
  • Stewing
  • Braising
  • Poaching

Deliver More Desirable and Consistent Results

     Due to the advanced technology of the combi oven, operators can expect consistent results every time. No matter how busy the kitchen can get on any given day, the combi oven can always be relied on for consistent results every time.

     The versatility of a combi is unmatched - helping you reduce shrinkage and weight loss in foods, creating juicy, flavorful results in less time and effort from one piece of equipment. Having the ability to control humidity in a combi is wonderful technology for all operators who have to do more with less equipment.

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