Beer Glassware Guide: Which Type of Beer Glasses Complements Your Brew?

Ever ordered a beer and it tasted flat? You might've thought it was a bad batch or something was wrong with the restaurant's cooler, but it's possible it was neither. The type of glassware used for beer has a huge impact on its taste, scent and overall experience. Pairing a strong ale with a glass meant for light beers will dull the aromatics, transforming a specialty beer into a nonspecific brew. Avoid the mistakes and check out our quick beer glassware guide to help show you which type of beer glasses compliments your brew. 


Pint  Glasses

The American pint glass are most commonly used in bars and restaurants. Its versatile function compliments most types of beers and pours making it the standard for any bar. The Conical Pint or Shaker is a straight and smooth with a slight cone shape. Overall, its design is rather generic and better suits the occasional beer drinker. A Nonic Pint (pronounced "no-nick") is a variation of the Conical pint and is fashioned with a bulge a few inches from the rim to prevent the glass from chipping or nicking. The small groove activates the beer head aka the foam, uplifting aromas and taste. Although more common to the U.K some Americans still prefer the Nonic Pint for its easier grip and specialty of its shape.

Type of Beer: Lager, Ale, IPA, Stout and Porter



The Pilsner beer glass is typically used for light beers and its namesake Pilsner beers. The tall, slender shape helps to reveal the hop's color and to emphasize the carbonation of the beer. Slightly smaller than a pint a glass, its form is intelligently designed with a wider rim allowing the glass to capture a satisfying beer head.
 Type of Beer: Pilsner, Wheat, Low calorie IPAs, Porters
Tulip Pint
For every beer connoisseur, the experience of drinking a nice, cold brew can only be elevated by the Tulip pint glass. The glass is sophisticated, stylish and well-engineered to activate and capture the aromatics of beer. Typically used for stronger brews, the bulbous shape and short stem delivers a unique experience, encouraging you to swirl and waft your drink instead of chugging. If you are a fan of the Tulip pint, you may also be keen to try Snifters, a stouter glass with a rounder shape.
Belgian Beer Glass: Libbey 10 Oz Belgian Beer Glass
Type of Beer: Double IPAs, Belgian ales, Dark Lager, Barleywines

Beer Mug  

Now this is a glass that challenges you to take it all in a full gulp. The Beer Mug comes in for times of cheers and celebration. The Tankered and Stein Mugs share a similar cylindrical form, however, traditionally Steins are made of ornamental metal. Mugs are formed with a thicker glass and handle so, that when gripping the hand does not warm up the beer.
Type of Beer: German Ale, Wheat, Robust Porters
5) Bonus- Moscow Mule Mug
Although not technically a beer glass, the Moscow Mule does include Ginger beer, a non-alcoholic carbonated drink with robust ginger flavor. A Moscow mule includes vodka, lime juice, ginger beer and for Moscow Mule purists a copper mug. The reason why this drink is married to this precious element is because copper insulates the temperature of the ginger beer, keeping it tasting cool and refreshing. It also doesn't hurt that the mug adds ambiance to any bar or kitchen cabinets. It's a secret weapon of showstopper. 
With this quick guide, you can now find the glasses that work best for you, your stouts and suds. Each glass comes with its own perks and will have an effect on the overall experience and taste of your beer, so next time you are shopping for new beer brands consider what type of glassware you have and what matches best. 
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