Estados Unidos: A Taco Stand On Every Table

Whether you are plating out meals for a busy food service or trying to impress guests at your home, it is no secret that presentation can make a huge impact. When it comes to Mexican foods, the wide variety of ingredients brings together diverse flavor and colorful dishes. Making the meals taste good is one part of the challenge. Making them appear appetizing is another. Often times, that second piece of the puzzle can be more challenging than the first. That is why one of the greatest inventions in food service over the past couple of decades is the table top taco holder.

In the kitchen, it takes a delicate and skilled grip to be able to hold and properly support a hard taco shell without breaking it. Some people will place the taco on its side on the plate, but then everything is being loaded up from the side and you end up with either a mess or fewer fillings or a combination of both. Then, taking the filled tacos out to the table, ingredients slop around, the tacos fall into other food on the plate or that food slides into the tacos. Bah! Problems, problems, problems. Taco holders solve these issues.

Make tacos better and faster with less wastage by using tacos holders. There’s a few different varieties of these accouterments, but the basic concept remains the same. The taco shells are held gently from the bottom and the sides. This prevents the shells from cracking and moving around. It also allows easier and faster placement of the ingredients. Better yet, the ingredients stay where the chef puts them all the way to the table, so that perfect presentation gets guests’ mouths watering.

Use the taco holders to serve on a table next to tortillas and salsa bowls, and an authentic and beautiful meal will be laid out before your guests.

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The fact is that tacos and the entire Mexican menu can be served in a variety of ways. What can you do to stand out from your peers? Trying new recipes is certainly one way to step up your game. Otherwise, taking things to the next level is going to have a lot to do with the experience you’re providing your guests. Set yourself apart with more than just flavor. Carefully consider dinnerware, place settings, the printed menu, and even the uniform of your employees. These sorts of changes, when applied correctly, can pay for themselves quickly and help your kitchen and/or restaurant become a destination place for those looking for great tacos and other Mexican fare.

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