Foil Pans & Lids for Catering

Whether you are catering a big event or a special occasion at a private residence, corporate environment, or party center, there are a few things that will always be important for your business. Foil pans and lids for serving can help you achieve these goals. These things are important to both you and your clientele:

  • Great food
  • Food served to temperature
  • Service with a smile
  • Easy cleanup
  • Keeping cost down

People are going to come to you—and you are going to beat out your competition—on these key items. Of course, the food must be good. If it doesn’t taste great, you’re probably not going to be catering for very long. There is no secret there.

At the same time, the food has to be served to temperature. After all, if the cold food gets warm or hot food gets cool, it simply will not taste as good; so, it relates back to the first item on the list.

While it is hard to believe that serving utensils and dishes can have an impact your staff’s courtesy and jubilation, they really can. If you are using low-quality wares, your catering staff can easily grow disgruntled, having to deal with food that does not keep temperature or handle transportation from one location to another.

This leads into the next item on the list. Whatever dishes and catering trays you plan on using at your next catering event need to allow for easy cleanup. Whether your caterers will be handling the cleanup or that is something the customers will be doing, if you don’t make it easy, no one is going to be happy. 

However good the food is, however great the service, one thing will never leave the customer’s mind when it comes to hiring a caterer: price. Keeping costs low helps you cut down your overhead and even allows you provide lower price points to your clients.

Best Catering Solution: Foil Pans and Lids

There are a few types of foil pans and lids you might consider when operating a catering business. First, there are the larger foil serving pans. These serve both as something to bake in as well as serve from. They are uniform in shape and easy to transport because they are also easy to stack. With the dual use, you can save the cost of using both baking and serving dishes as well as save on the cost of cleanup afterward. Even if you don't want to go the foil route, check out our selection of disposable catering trays and serving platters that will help save time and money. 

If you are catering an event with individual plates, consider the individual foil serving plates with lids. These will work great if you have an order for individually prepared meals. They can also be used as a value-added service for your clients, making it easier for guests to take home leftovers.

Offer the Best Catering Services with Help from Dean’s

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