Holiday Baking: 6 tools that will Save Your Sanity

6 Pieces of Baking Tools that will Save Your Sanity Holiday Baking this Year

Holiday Baking tools

Where did the year go? Is it time for the holidays again already? If you are someone who enjoys baking your family and friends over and for the holidays, you know that it can be a lot of hard work. To help make things easier, though, there are a variety of kitchen tools and baking equipment. Here are some of the best ones to help you save a little time and sanity doing your holiday baking this year.

Cookie Scoops

These can be a real lifesaver. In a pinch, you can use an ice cream scoop. Make sure you get the kind that has a lever mechanism that slides the dough away from the spoon when you’re sheeting them out. Using a cookie scoop helps makes the perfect size and shape cookies. You can also use the same concept for muffins, pancakes, and other baked goods.

Measuring Cups and Spoons

How many times have you reached into the drawer when you’re in the middle of cooking or baking and found that you are missing at least one—or maybe several—measuring cups and spoons? It doesn’t make any sense. You used them. You washed them. You put them away. Where are they now? It’s like the mystery of the dryer and missing socks. It happens and you don’t want it to happen to you when you have set apart some time during this very busy holiday season to do some baking. Make sure you have all your measuring cups and measuring spoons. In fact, if you plan on doing a lot of baking, get some spares. Sugar pourers can also help ease this process. If you just need a dash of sweetness, these easy-to-use sugar dispensers can give you the perfect small amount each time. They also make great containers for sprinkles for easy and quick decorating of cookies, cakes, and cupcakes. 

Baking Stones

While a lot of people call them pizza stones, these things are great for baking cookies as well. They leave a unique feel to them and cook so evenly. Many bakers who started using them as a test have sworn by their decision to never go back.

Mixing Spoons 

Mixing spoons are great kitchen tools to keep on hand for a variety of tasks. They help satisfy many different baking and cooking needs so whether you are using a wooden mixing spoon to stir hot sugar on the stove, or a plastic mixing spoon to combine cookie batter ingredients, you'll want to stock up! 

Flour Sifters

For some reason, sifting flour seems almost like a lost art. People just don’t do it as much as they used to and younger bakers don’t understand that it actually does make a difference. For that reason, you might want to look into why we sift flour for baking and if you don’t already have one, invest in a flour sifter.

Baking Rack

If you have done baking year after year, you probably run into the same problem every year—where to put everything? Do you need to stop baking for awhile while things cool, so you can move them out of the way and get back to baking? If you don’t already have a baking rack or two, you’ll definitely want to look into getting at least one to give you room in your kitchen while you are baking.

Pie Server

I’m just going to say this:

Have you ever tried to serve pie with a plastic knife and a spoon?

Don’t it’s horrible.

Get a pie server if you plan on making any pies or, even if you don’t. People love to bring stuff when visiting for the holidays and a pie is a common thing to bring. Don’t be caught without the pie server. I still shudder when I remember the dreaded cherry pie and spoon incident.

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