How To Refill Various Soap & Paper Towel Dispensers

Sometimes it can be tricky to figure out how to reload commercial paper towel and soap dispensers. You have to make sure you find the right buttons to push and that you have the proper refill canisters so you don't end up buying a brand new dispenser because you broke the old one. Here at Dean Supply, we don't only offer the best prices on commercial cleaning supplies like Deb soap dispensers and San Jamar paper towel dispensers, but we also teach you how to use them. Check it out: 

How To Refill A Claire Micro-Metered Air Freshener

Wondering how to open and refill your CL7-MICROCC micro-metered dispenser? The video will outline the entire process on how to reload. 

1. Grab the grooves on the side of the front cover and pull forward to open.
2. Place two C batteries in the slot.
3. Remove the cover from Claire air freshener can and place in slot with the spray nozzle pointing out.
4. Adjust switches to fit desired settings.
5. Close the front door, flip the switch to on, and you're all set.


How to Refill a Gojo 800 mL Soap Dispenser

Trying to figure out how to open your Gojo 1 Liter Soap/Sanitizer Dispenser? The button on the bottom may be hard to find, but the rest is quick and easy: 

1. Find the white button underneath the dispenser and press up on it until the top clicks - this will unlock the front door.
2. Remove the perforated front cover of the 800 mL bag-in-box refill and pull out the soap nozzle.
3. Place the box and nozzle in line with the grooves and ensure it is securely in place.
4. Close the lid until it snaps locked and you're all set.


How To Refill A Winco TD-500 Roll Paper Towel Dispenser With Lever

It's pretty easy to reload your Winco TD-500 paper towel dispenser

1. Use the key top open the top of the front cover and pull it down.
2. Ensure that you put the paper towel roll in with the paper going underneath the roll - not over the top. If you put it in with the paper going over the top, it will likely cause the dispenser to jam. 
3. Gently guide the paper between the rolls and press the level down once to pull it through. 
4. Make sure the paper is coming out of the slot in the front cover and close the door. You're all set!


How To Refill A San Jamar T950TBK Element Lever Towel Dispenser

Follow to 4 steps below to open and reload your San Jamar Element paper towel dispenser

1. Use the key to open the front cover 
2. Place the roll in the dispenser with the paper going underneath the roll – not over top. This will avoid the paper from crumpling and jamming. 
3. Gently feed the that through the rolls and press the level down once to get the paper through.
4. Feed the paper through the front cover open, close cover and you’re all set.

(Skip to 0:51 on the video below to jump right to the reloading part of the video.) 


Didn't see the how-to video you need to refill your dispensers? Let us know!

If you have a paper towel lever dispenser or a different type of commercial soap dispenser that you can't figure out, get in touch. We ask our team of experts here how to do it and create a video just for you!


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