Just Like a Chef: How Celebrity Chef Stacey Stoudemire Stays Relevant


Throughout the year, Dean Supply will feature a different chef to discuss their food journey and the special ingredients to their success. This month we caught up with Cleveland-based celebrity Chef Stacey Stoudemire at her new location, Simply Vintage Bakery, to talk about Cleveland, changing with the times and the inspiration behind her sought-after cupcakes. 
Dean Supply: Happy New Year! As we kick-off into this next decade, what are your New Year’s resolutions? 
Stacey Stoudemire: To stay relevant. To stay in the industry that’s quickly evolving every single day. There is always something new, something different. In Cleveland, we like new, we like relevant so, you have to continue to reinvent yourself. Sometimes an old school place that hasn’t changed struggles the minute something new comes along. Consumers want to go to what is new in Cleveland or what is hip now. So, you always have to reinvent yourself, always make sure you continue to shop, look and see what’s going on in Cleveland and change with the times. That’s why we recreated the cupcake shop. We went from the old school, pink and black bakery to a modern meets vintage type of look. That’s what we see happening here right now. 


DS: You've worked with a wide range of clientele. From catering for Beyoncé to supporting local non-profits what has been your most excitable achievement? 

SS: Being relevant, staying relevant. When you are dealing with the same clients over and over again, it never gets old. You must make sure you are showcasing different elements, you change the menu, every single time. I seldom use the same menu.

DS: Cupcakes! There is no Chef Stacey without her cupcakes. How did you get your start in desserts? 

SS: Yes, cupcakes are my thing. Years ago, I was watching a show called DC Cupcakes about two sisters that opened up their business along with their mother, not knowing it was going to be so insanely popular. From one day, customers were out the door and around the corner. I thought, “Oh, I can do that.” It just looked like a lot of fun.

DS: Even though we are open to the public, the Dean Supply store sometimes feels like a membership club. We see chefs from all over the city, business owners, etc. You name them,  they shop here. When you are with us shopping, what are your go-to products? 

SS: My go-to products from Dean Supply are pretty much for my parties and events I host for my clients. The secondary are the cupcake items. I can go in get cupcake holders, plastic stands, tablecloths, napkins. Any color combination as far as plates and napkins are there to go along with any type of theme. If you are going to do set-up for an event go to Dean Supply.


DS: We're proud that for 70 years we've been able to provide discount prices on everyday restaurant equipment and kitchenware. Our prices help save money for starter-ups on a tight budget or saving pennies for whichever businesses. What advice do you have for rising chefs? 

SS: Up and coming entrepreneurs, caterers, chefs, personal chefs, Dean Supply is the way to go. You can go in and find items that are discounted or discontinued that they no longer carry. If you have the time, just walk the aisles. There are things in there you didn’t know you needed like an ice chest or an ice tray. They always have something you need. But they also carry new products too. They are all around the store and nicely situated where you can shop and ask a lot of questions. They got tons of employees, almost in every aisle, restocking the shelves or taking inventory. They all have answers, they always have an answer.


Simply Vintage Bakery opens to the public February 2020.

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