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In 1895, The British Hunter Weekly published writer, Guy Beringer's essay, Brunch: A Plea, in which he makes a case for introducing a meal that combines the best of breakfast and lunch. It didn't take long for his concept to popularize in London, eventually crossing the pond to New York City. Generations and several interpretations later, patrons still uphold Beringer's initial cause that brunch best serves as a reprive from hangovers. In a gathering of friends, brunch is the ideal set-up for party recaps or as a kick-starter for daytime shenanigans over a delicious carb and protein heavy meal. 

In the spirit of chicken and waffles, we listed our favorite products and tips to making the ultimate brunch menu. 

1. Waring Immersion Blender

When you think breakfast, eggs and bacon may be the first to come to mind. Eggs are a staple to the traditional American breakfast as well as several international cuisines. The universality of this food type makes it easy for it cross-over in fusion dishes, taking on layer of flavors from different parts in the world. An immersion blender is essential to any operating kitchen; It simplifies whisking or whipping down to a matter of seconds. Before the brunch rush, crack whole eggs into a mixing bowl and stir with the immersion blender. We recommend using store and pours as a method to freeze eggs (2-4 days) for prep cooks thinking ahead. Just mark the amount of eggs are in the container, the date and pop into the freezer. The immersion blender and store and pours, also comes in handy for making large quantities of crepe, pancake and waffle batter. 

2. Waring Commercial Toaster 

Over the years, toast has become a vehicle for a variety of tasty toppings. From avocado to almond butter, restaurants keep delivering us new ways to showcase trending foods on a traditional morning snack. We suggest switching up the carb game and use toasted bagels as your platform. It offers a similar taste with a heartier texture, giving you the opportunity to emphasize various bagel flavors with complimentary toppings. Try fruit, shaved coconut and strawberry cream cheese on-top of a warm multigrain bagel as early afternoon dessert.


3. Waring Belgian Waffle Maker  

Truly, there is nothing bad we can say about waffles. Eaten best with a fluffy center and lightly crisped edges, its important to keep this nostalgic fan favorite perfect and plate ready. Whether your diner is planning to eat their waffle open faced, drowned in maple syrup or stacked in a sandwich, know that are arriving with high expectations. Nothing is worse than a waffle too soggy or too done.

As Hot Chicken takes over BBQ, we think it's just a matter of time before Nashville's favorite spicy chicken finds itself on the brunch menu. Build a Hot Chicken and waffle combo meal for your spice adventurers.

4. Dynamic BlendPro 1TQ

It's important to recognize our culture's dynamic with food. As people become more aware of what they are putting into their body, diet and specialty foods are in high demand. Customers want to see menus that reflect healthy lifestyle choices and its more likely they'll return if they see that encouragement. A commercial blender gives the ability to make juices and smoothies that are rich in fruits and vegetables, meeting this market in the middle. The Dynamic blender comes with a lid, sound proofing the loud volume most blenders carry. Feed them well while your cashier fulfills the next order.

5. Cheforward Paddle Board 

First off: Why are appetizers missing from the brunch menu? Be a pioneer for the casual diners and feature brunch bites as taste-tester options on your brunch menu. Bacon and egg potato skins. Mini-cinnamon rolls. Frittata bites. Vegan bruschetta. Brunch skewers. The possibilities are endless. Showcase your creations on a serving platter or cutting board for an added table presentation. This is a great way to test your chef's skills in the kitchen and discover what bites may be worthy to make it on the full-time menu. 

6. Libbey 8 Oz Champagne Flutes 

Now, what's brunch without Mimosas? Again, we have to blame it on the Brits for their wonderful, pocket draining concept. Originally called " Champagne-orange," the citrus alcoholic-beverage made its debut in 1925, popularized among high-end bars in London and Paris. It wasn't until the late 1960's that the mimosa made a splash in the United States, when celebrities like film director, Alfred Hitchcock, shared their adoration for the cocktail.

Around the same time, the Bloody Mary was considered as the signature drink for "Sunday brunch," but quickly the Mimosa became its closest competition. Today, both cocktails have their cult followings and remain as the highlight of any spread.

Anything Goes 

Overall, brunch is certified best meal of the day. It's versatility allows for you to experiment with different combinations and discover new ideas. Share with us your favorite plates, table-setting, and cocktails by posting a picture on Instagram and tagging us @shopatdean. 

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