Stay ahead of the bowl food trend in 2017



Unless you have been dining under a rock for the past several months, you have at least heard of the latest food craze to strike the nation—bowl foods. Of course, there is nothing cutting edge or even new about bowls; we’ve had those for as long as we have had any dishes. No, what’s new is what is going into the bowls—and how it is being prepared.

Yes, people have been ditching their plates in favor of bowls to eat whole meals out of—not just cereal, soup and salad. It works for all the meals too: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Working with restaurateurs, chefs, home cooks, enthusiasts, and hobbyists, we've come across a lot of great recipes. We thought we’d share some of them here to help you keep ahead of the pack as we move toward 2017.

Smoothie Bowls

Several years back, the nation fell in love with smoothies. These were a combination of healthy and fast, filling meals you could have on the go. From supercharging the mix with protein powder to adding a variety of fruits, vegetables, supplements, and other nutritious ingredients, everyone wanted a smoothie. Several businesses have cropped up over the years offering nothing but a variety of delicious smoothies.

Smoothie bowls take the same concept of healthy ingredients, but are meant to be eaten from a bowl rather than drank through a straw. There’s no reason to reinvent the wheel though, so check out some of these awesome smoothie bowl recipes you can make at home or at work. These are great options to give you a healthy boost of energy.

Sushi Bowls

Check out these recipes for sushi bowls from Pinterest. Sushi bowls are another example of bringing together two food crazes. While sushi has been popular overseas for years, it was a bit of a rarity here in the US until the past decade or so. Now, Americans are eating sushi on a much more regular basis and you can find a restaurant that serves sushi without traveling far at all.

And, why not? Sushi bowls bring together all of our favorite flavors. These give us a new way to enjoy without having to compact everything into a tight roll. It makes it seem more like a meal than a series of snacks.

Power Bowls

You have heard of power bars, right? Well, this is the same concept, but very different. Power bowls are a gathering of lean proteins, vegetables, and whole grains. Quinoa is a popular grain for these power bowls, which are designed to be both filling and healthy. They often serve as a post-workout meal or lunch, because they give the energy we need to make it through the day without weighing us down with carbs, fats, and sugars.

Since bowls are the new plates and virtually anything can go in them, we are sure to continue to see more recipes for them come out. Everyone is going to have their favorites and make their own modifications to existing recipes. Care to share some of your favorite recipes for bowl foods? Send us your ideas via email to

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