Tamper-Evident Containers: A Safer Way to Order Food

 Do you think twice about ordering takeout because of the possibility of food tampering? Even with claims of contactless delivery, how can you be sure your food hasn't been touched?

You've likely seen news stories exposing delivery drivers eating food before it's delivered. Maybe you've experienced your own feelings of suspicion after your takeout arrives. With the convenience and growing popularity of food delivery services like DoorDash, Uber Eats, and GrubHub, more hands are touching our meals before they reach our tables. Do you trust those hands not to wander into your bag to swipe a couple of french fries?


Changing the integrity of every delivery driver isn't possible, but restaurants should still be taking the extra step to assure you. Tamper-evident containers help consumers feel more comfortable with ordering takeout and allow restaurants to have confidence that their food arrives as intended.

 Safe Pinch tamper-evident containers indicate premature opening. The restaurant closes the container, sends it out for delivery, and it's expected to arrive with the tab down. If the tab is sticking up, the delivery driver opened it en route. Seems like a simple fix, but what about pizza boxes or drinks?

Another way restaurants can be proactive against food tampering is to use tamper-resistant and evident seals like Secure It labels or BobiBands. We know what you're thinking, "the delivery driver could just put the sticker back on after snacking on my food." In regards to regular stickers, this is true, but BobiBands have pre-stress tear points that can't be reconstructed once torn. It’s quick and easy for restaurants to put seals on our food and drinks before they send it out. In fact, a restaurant's use of tamper-evident products indicates high-quality food standards and care for costumers.


Moving forward, pay close attention to your takeout packaging. Is your restaurant of choice using tamper-evident containers? Is there any way of knowing if someone opened it

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