6 Reasons Why Food Packaging Matters



6 Reasons Why Food Packaging Matters

and which carry-out containers best match your type of cooking.

People think about a few things when picking up a to-go order or waiting on third-party food delivery: I hope they get the order right. I hope my food isn't soggy. I hope my food is secure...

When it comes to return restaurant orders, maintaining consumer confidence is key especially in choosing the proper carry-out container. Studies have shown that 67% of customers rank the quality of the food container as most important. Let's face it, if you were to order from your favorite restaurant, get home only to find your food is soggy, wilted or worse find all your sides have piled into one compartment making a leaky, greasy mess, you'll be reconsidering its ranking. Now, with health and safety at the forefront of the public's mind, attention to reliable and secure take-out containers is more pressing than ever. 

Attention to detail is important when it comes to what we put our food in. What works for a salad, grain power bowl or pasta dish, may not be the best option for a steak and fries meal. We've gather six tips to consider when shopping for catering to-go containers to ensure the best delivery and score high ratings from your customers. 

1. Ventilation 

If you are serving warm fried, baked or saucy meals, vented takeout containers will be best for your business. Vented takeout containers are similar to the standard plastic containers but, includes holes in the lids to help steam escape. Steam causes excessive moisture, which is the number one enemy for fried, grilled and crispy foods. If the steam has nowhere to escape, moisture will begin to collect on the lid forming condensation, eventually wetting and altering your meal. Vented plastic containers are also great for reheating meals. 

2. Brand 


In the food service industry, branding matters. If your displaying food in bakery shop or grocery store such as bread, cupcakes, and other sweet treats, you'll want to have your stand out against the competition. Cake boxes with a plastic window help customers know what the food looks inside while keeping a contemporary and stylish look. Place a brand sticker on the plastic for design and nutrition facts on the Kraft part of the box. To keep food safe from tampering, use a label to keep the box from opening. 

3. Keep Your Food Safe 

Using tamper-evident labels and containers are the clearest sign that food items have not been touched by anyone else besides the purchasing customer. Smart labeling can protect the food from spills, leakage and contamination. Tamper-evident labels can also be used to close takeout bags or boxes that the food is packaged in creating a clear deterrent to delivery staff. Discouraging delivery personnel from sampling or tampering with food orders also supports food safety concerns. A ripped label alerts the customer that the order was tampered with and the restaurant or store can then replace their purchase. 

4. Separate Sides 

 Entree orders with multiple sides need to be treated as such. Compartment foam containers are great way to premeditate portion control meals. Perfect for quick-service restaurants in which customers can create pick-2 sides and entree dishes. Foam, plastic and aluminum compartment dinnerware are the most commonly used for its durability and easy to mold design. 

5. Zero-Waste 

Disposable doesn't always mean to throw away in the trash. Sustainable carry-out food and beverage containers are making a wave in the culinary world for its eco-friendly initiative. Compostable containers and dinnerware make it easy for the customer to throw everything into the same compostable bin instead of having to separate plastic materials from food materials. Compost is organic matter made from decomposed waste products. Compost feeds back into the earth unlike plastic, eliminating excess pollution. Most biodegradable containers compliment most foods that will not require ventilation. 


6. Universal Aluminum


Aluminum is extremely versatile and compliments most food types and restaurant delivery design. Aluminium is recyclable and is extremely malleable; Customers enjoy the foldable aluminum lids for its easy to put back on to store in refrigerator, or freezer. Although aluminum can not go into the microwave, for catering large orders like casseroles, chicken wings or pies, delivering food in a ready made container allows for effortless reheating in the oven. 

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