The Rational SelfCooking Center®

The Rational SelfCooking Center®

The best combination oven that is just what your commercial kitchen needs.

When Rational says it’s their mission to offer the most beneficial cooking solutions for your commercial kitchen equipment, they aren’t lying. On August 9, the Dean Supply team attended a cooking demonstration at SESCO in Cleveland, Ohio to see the Rational SelfCooking Center in action. We spent about two and a half hours watching Chef Charley make plenty of culinary delights, one after another. Thanks to one of the most innovative combi ovens on the market, we were able to quickly sample a variety of dishes, including breakfast sandwiches, steak, shrimp tortellini with broccoli, grilled cheese, tenderloin, hot dogs, salmon, dehydrated pork rinds, and cookies, all of which came out of one oven tasting absolutely delicious.

iLevel Control - A Rational Combi Oven Exclusive

Rational set out to do what might seem impossible, but they created a commercial appliance that can prepare virtually all of the world’s dishes in one machine. This incredibly smart unit will replace up to 95% of typical cooking applications. So, what's a combi oven? To put it simply, it's a commercial oven that cooks food using steam, convection, or a combination of both to help foodservice operations work more efficiently. What’s impressive about this combi oven? It is packed full of smart technology that will consistently give you a full oven of optimal outcomes.

No matter what Chef Charley pulled out of the Rational combi oven, every item was cooked to perfection. The bacon was all evenly crispy, the cookies were perfectly browned, and the steak was expertly seared, no matter where it was placed on the pan. The brains of this machine really lets it stand out from the crowd. As the food is in the oven, the smart technology is continuously measuring for hot and cold spots and adjusting accordingly. Since the direction of the air flow is so consistent and even, it’s possible to cook seafood and veggies at the same time, and it won’t cross flavors (see left video below). This was proven to us when broccoli, tortellini, and raw shrimp were all placed in the oven at the same time, with shrimp on the bottom, and it all came out tasting as if it were cooked separately. The noodles and broccoli were steamed tender, and the shrimp was that perfect combination of firm but soft. To someone who didn’t see it cooked in front of them, they’d have no idea it was all cooked together in about 8 minutes.

Precision at your Fingertips: iControl Control for Flawless Use of your Commercial Combi Oven

It is evident this commercial combi oven was made for a busy restaurant, catering business, grocery store or school to run at its most efficient, no matter how big or small the operation. With the iCookingControl panel, you can simplify your day-to-day kitchen operations to consistently get your desired results. You can use the control panel to select what you’re cooking, and it will automatically adjust itself to the right temperature and set a timer. Once the food is in the oven and the cooking process has begun, it will use its sensors to recognize the size and condition of the food items as well as the load size. It will automatically adjust every metric so you don’t even have to so much as check in on it. Like a chef’s assistant with a hawkeye, it will make the necessary decisions like adjusting temperature, resetting the time and changing the cabinet climate as needed.

This allows you to take your attention to other aspects of the kitchen so you can move more food to the dining room and place a greater focus on the overall customer experience. Even more incredible, it can all be controlled from your smartphone, tablet or computer. So say you have a large operation that requires 3 combi ovens going at once, you can monitor and control every aspect of all 3 of them from one location.

Unmatched Capabilities to Help You Achieve Your Every Goal
One of the first items Chef Charley cooked for us was steak - a Delmonico and a sirloin. All he had to do was press a few buttons, and we watched as the machine did its thing, automatically adjusting itself for about 15 minutes until a sizzling steak was pulled out. If you’ve never seen such an oven work, you may be skeptical of the results, but once it got passed around, the opinions were pretty steady. “It’s got that charred crunch you’d expect from a well-cooked steak,” “definitely tastes like it was grilled” “I’d swear this was grilled if I didn’t see how it was cooked.” Simply pressing a few buttons, loading it up and waiting 15 minutes was all it took to get a perfectly cooked steak.

After we tested the seared steak, a juicy tenderloin, some flaky and flavorful salmon, crunchy dehydrated pork rinds, and perfectly textured breakfast sandwiches, Chef Charley started prepping garlic butter, gouda, and bacon sandwiches. Murmurs around the room wondered how the grilled cheese was going to turn out without being flipped halfway through cooking like you would have to do in a frying pan or a traditional oven. Will it be golden brown on both sides like it was prepared in a pan with a watchful eye? That question was answered immediately when the rows of impeccably cooked sandwiches were pulled out. As they were cut in half, someone said "did you hear that crunch?", and it was undeniable that the pan-fried feature on this combi oven was just as effective as using a stove top. The crust was crispy on both sides while the melty cheese stayed gooey throughout. No sogginess or unevenness - just grilled cheese perfection.

"I'm amazed by the turnover and how seamlessly it'd go from steam, to sear, to frying. It's incredible."

When your commercial kitchen equipment cleans itself, everyone wins.
All the cooking results were impressive, but really, the best was yet to come. After the many meals were cooked, the machine was admittedly getting a little dirty. All that heat, steam and food was just starting to collect on the grates and the walls of the oven. Thankfully, the SelfCookingCenter isn’t just self-cooking – it’s also self-cleaning. This means no more spraying, no liquid cleaning agents, no rinsing, and no more wasting time and money on scrubbing your oven clean. At the end of every night, you simply press the button to start the cleaning process, insert the recommended chemical tabs and let it do its thing.

This combi oven is smart enough to know how dirty it is, so it will determine the necessary cleaning level and tell you the optimum dose of cleaning agent and descaler to place inside. Plus, the process is super efficient and costs much less than manually cleaning while really getting into all the nooks and crannies to keep your unit running in its most hygienic state. It costs about $4 total per cleaning session regarding water and chemical use, it's way cleaner than human hands could get it, and it’s a lot less work.

This is just barely scratching the surface of all the things this incredible commercial combi oven has to offer. From ConnectedCooking (a comprehensive collection of recipes, how-to videos, customer support & more!), endless cooking capabilities and a brain all its own, the versatility and functionality that is offered by the Rational SelfCooking Center is unbeatable. Rational combi ovens are the only product they have on the market, so they have dedicated all of their time and resources to creating the best possible product. They work closely with the end users to understand and meet the particular needs of a commercial kitchen. It's something that can help turn your ideas into reality with just a few clicks of a button. It will take care of the tedious and repetitive tasks and allow you to flex your other creative and profit-boosting muscles. It gives you the room you need to get creative, test new ideas, and find the right way to set your dishes apart from the rest.

If you run a busy foodservice operation, no matter how big or small, this unit will help you streamline all of your cooking processes. Whatever your desired outcome, you can trust that your food will consistently come out flawless no matter who is doing the cooking. With the option to save recipes and upload photos of finished presentations, your customers will never know when there are changes on your food prep line. This guarantees your patrons will get the consistent results they expect no matter what time or day of the week they dine with you. It’s energy efficient, incredibly smart, and just what your commercial kitchen needs.

Are you interested in learning more about this innovative and incredibly smart commercial combi oven? Or would you like to learn more about our entire line of commercial kitchen equipment? Contact us now to speak to an expert who can help you pick the best options for your organization. Get in touch today!


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