Tips for Hosting a Zero Waste Party

As many of us are trying to cut down or eliminate waste, going green may still seem unattainable for others.Preparation and planning are necessary for any kitchen, but even the best set of habits came with a learning curve. This year, challenge your menu and include a zero-waste initiative; Lead your guests by the example of reducing waste consumption.
Luckily, reducing your kitchen waste is actually easier than you might imagine. Here are some ideas for how you can host a zero-waste event without disrupting your budget or your lifestyle. 

What is Zero-Waste? 

Zero-Waste is defined as a set of principles centered on reducing waste consumption. The goal of a zero-waste lifestyle is to limit the amount of waste that is transferred to landfills, utilize renewable energy and compostable products. 

What is Compost?

Compost is any food or organic matter can be decomposed in soil- Think of it as nature's garbage disposal. Composting biodegrades the organic waste, whereas landfill waste which contains materials like plastic, endanger the earth by its lengthy lifespan (1,000 years) and its release of toxins into the air, land and water. Some compostable items you may have in your kitchen include, coffee filters, tea bags, compostable tableware and napkins. Liquids and aluminum are not compostable and should be disposed according to your local waste regulations. 

How to Host an Eco-Friendly Party: 


1. The Menu

The heart of any party are the food and drinks. Plan ahead for your zero-waste party and prepare a menu that requires limited utensils. Serving finger-food dishes eliminates clean-up, limits the amount of tableware and your guests' waste consumption.

Pro-Tip: When purchasing goods for your event use the BLT Method: Bulk, Local, and Trendy to keep package waste to a minimum.  

B: Buy your snacks in bulk versus individual containers for waste management. 

L: Shop at your local farmer's market for produce and meats as an accessible eco-friendly swap!           

T: Get the foods that are on trend- choose seasonal fruits and vegetables.       


2. The Supplies 

It's not just about what you serve, but what you're serving on. Consider how your guests will be dining before setting the table. 

The essential idea here is to think about ways to create less trash. The more reusable the better. Perhaps you are incorporating drinking glasses with compostable platting or maybe you'll just stick with washable tableware- No pressure. 


Pro-Tip: Serve up sliced vegetables, cheese, or your favorite dips on serving trays and cutting boards for an added dynamic. 



3. The Disposal

Using biodegradable products can help reduce the trash that ends up in landfills. Check out our various versions of cups, plates, bowls and take-out containers. Stock up your shelves and be ready for your next event!



4. Compost 

Make it easy for your guests and provide dispensaries for their waste. Solve the sorting issue, by labeling trash bins with accurate labels and icons of which bins take what. This is a great opportunity to show your guests the efforts your business is taking toward creating a more sustainable future. 

Before composting, reach out to your building or local city officials to discover your community's waste regulation laws. 


5. Make it Routine 

Like most things, new habits take practice. Making small efforts everyday will help make the transition to a more sustainable kitchen. Find confidence in a friend or a co-worker to hold you to your goals of reducing waste and see how far you improve. 



Zero waste protects the environment, benefits communities and support the local economy. By incorporating zero waste habits into your event planning you are also changing our culture of consumption.

Compost provides many essential nutrients for the environment making it a great way to transform kitchen waste into fertilizer. Use your own compost to fertilize your garden or even choose to sell it! 


Lastly, remember that your efforts, no matter how small, are a big step. Do what feels right for you and always know that your actions are appreciated. 


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