Deli Paper

Made with durability and functionality in mind, these sheets offer a convenient solution for wrapping and presenting a variety of culinary creations.

12 products

    12 products

    Bulk Deli Paper from Dean Supply

    Ensure your food service is fast, efficient, and professional with Bulk Deli Paper from Dean Supply. These high-quality deli sheets are ideal for wrapping sandwiches, burgers, or lining baskets and plates for a clean presentation that your customers will appreciate. The pre-cut, easy-to-grab sheets save time and help maintain consistent portion sizes, keeping your operation running smoothly.

    Our deli papers are available in a variety of sizes and pack quantities to match your business's needs, whether you’re a bustling city deli or a cozy corner cafe. Made from durable, food-grade paper, they’re designed to hold up well against moisture and grease, ensuring your customers enjoy their meals without any mess.

    Waxed Deli Paper Sheets for All Businesses

    Keep your food fresh and presentation impeccable with our versatile waxed deli paper sheets. Ideal for butchers wrapping choice cuts, takeaways packaging savory eats, and restaurants serving up appetizers, these food packaging sheets are the perfect solution for businesses of all sizes. Their durable wax coating ensures that your products stay moist and delectable, helping to maintain flavor and quality from kitchen to customer.

    Waxed Deli Sheets for Butchers

    Keep your deli selections fresh and presentable with our top-quality waxed deli sheets. Specifically designed for butchers and deli professionals, these sheets are perfect for wrapping meats, cheeses, and other cold cuts, ensuring they stay moist and delicious. Their wax coating provides a grease-resistant barrier that helps prevent leaks and stains while maintaining the product's flavor. Easy to fold and store, these deli sheets are a must-have in any meat market or delicatessen to keep your products in prime condition.

    Checkboard Deli Sheets for Takeaways

    Keep your food presentation sharp and service seamless with our Checkboard Deli Sheets, perfect for takeaways. These easy-to-use, grease-resistant papers with their classic checkered pattern elevate the look of your sandwiches, burgers, or pastries, while ensuring they stay intact and mess-free from your kitchen to your customer's hands.

    Natural Unbleached Deli Sheets for Restaurants

    Ensure your food presentation is as fresh and natural as your ingredients with our Natural Unbleached Deli Sheets. Perfect for restaurants striving for an eco-friendly edge, these disposable sheets serve as a sustainable alternative to traditional bleached paper. They not only offer a clean and appealing way to wrap or line food baskets but also signify your commitment to environmental responsibility.

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