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    8 products

    Receipt Paper from Dean Supply

    Our receipt paper rolls are designed for reliability and compatibility with most major printers. Whether you're running a busy restaurant, a bustling retail store, or any point-of-sale operation, our durable thermal and bond paper rolls come in various sizes to fit your needs.

    Say goodbye to paper jams and faded prints; with Dean Supply, you can trust that each print will be crisp and long-lasting, keeping your business's workflow efficient and professional.

    Thermal Register Rolls

    Keep your transactions rolling smoothly with our high-quality Thermal Register Rolls. Perfect for point-of-sale systems, these rolls are designed to provide clear, long-lasting prints for receipts and records. With a heat-sensitive coating that guarantees crisp images and text, every print is as legible as the last.

    Receipt Paper Frequently Asked Questions

    Receipts are commonly printed on thermal paper, a special fine paper coated with a material that changes color when exposed to heat. This paper type is used in thermal printers, most often found in cash registers, credit card terminals, and adding machines. The coated surface of thermal paper responds to the heated print head of the thermal printer, creating the printed image without the need for ink or ribbons.

    If your business uses thermal printers for printing sales receipts, tickets, or labels, you do need thermal receipt paper. Thermal printers work by applying heat to the paper, which contains a special heat-sensitive coating that produces the printed image. Unlike traditional printing methods, thermal printing does not require ink or toner, making thermal receipt paper an essential supply for businesses with this type of printer.

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