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The Cutlerease is a hygienic cutlery dispensing system that takes contactless foodservice to another level. Loaded with 360 pieces of clean, compostable, cutlery, it's ready to take cafeterias and concession stands by storm.
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A Quick Overview

Features & Benefits

Compact Footprint
Save space on your counters and condiment bars. The Cutlerease only takes up a fraction of the space that other dispensers use. Less than 1 square foot!
Uses BPI certified compostable cutlery which makes it compatible with Zero Waste Systems.
Don't have a need for the knives and forks? Maybe you have a popular soup and only need spoons. No problem! Customize the Cutlerease to your individual needs.
The light-weight construction makes it easy to relocate, clean, and load. No need to assign heavy lifters when it comes to the Cutlerease.
Contactless & Hygienic
Grab one piece of cutlery without touching anything else! Carry a plate in one hand and pick your cutlery with the other. That's all it takes! 
Convenient & Easy to Use
The simple setup allows employees to load it trouble-free. As for guests, retrieving the desired cutlery is effortless! Did we mention no electricity or batteries are required? Read over the instructions here.

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Leasing Information

Send in your lease requests to or call 216-325-0994. A sales support agent will be available to assist your order and any additional questions. Download the "Lease with Ease" pdf to review rental agreement.
"Lease with Ease" PDF

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The Cutlerease checks all the boxes for health and environmentally conscious trends. It's all in the details. Provide guests with the best hygienic cutlery dispensing system out there. Send a request to or call us direct at 216-325-0994.