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Looking for pizza supplies, tools, equipment, and accessories? We have a wide selection of all the pizza tools & supplies you need.
Whether you need pizza pans, pizza utensils, pizza peels, pizza paddles, pizza wheels or any other pizza accessories or equipment, you will find it in this collection. We also have the tools you need to make restaurant-style pizza at home to please your hungry friends and family without breaking your budget.

Are you shopping for your pizzeria or restaurant? Get the pizza equipment you need to be successful including pizza merchandisers, display cabinets, and pizza prep tables to make sure your processes are smooth and efficient as possible. With our large selection of clearance pizza pans, you can experiment and try new things without worrying about breaking the bank. With so many different sizes, types, and styles of pizza pans, you are sure to find the exact ones you need to perfect your pie and keep your customers coming back for me. We also have a full range of the other restaurant supplies so you can get everything you need all in one place.


Pizza Brushes
Brushes are one pizza accessory every kitchen needs to maintain a clean environment. With sturdy brass wire pizza brushes, you will get the deep clean you need with less work.
Pizza Cutters
A pizza cutter is an essential part of your pizza equipment collection. Cut hot pies right from the oven into perfect slices every time with our selection of pizza knives, cutters, utensils and servers.
Pizza Pans
Start with the sturdy base for your pies with our selection of pizza pans. Whether you need an aluminum pizza pan, a perforated pizza pan, a deep dish pizza pan, or pan with nibs or holes, you'll find it right here.
Pizza Peels
Looking for wooden pizza peels? Or metal pizza peels? Whether you want short or long handled, metal, wooden or a combination of both, we have a pizza peel for every budget. 
Pizza Screens
An essential pizza tool for every kitchen, these pizza screens improve air circulation and even cooking. Find any size pizza screen right here for even and delicious pies every time.
Pizza Stones
Wondering how to make a crispy pizza crust? This pizza stone will help! These stones are a great addition to your pizza equipment collection to help make your pies one-of-a-kind tasty.


Pizza Delivery Bags
Get advanced technology in these heavy duty pizza bags that will keep food hot. These insulated pizza delivery bags are just the right size to serve happy customers every time.
Paper Food Wrap
These paper food wraps are the best way to line your pizza boxes to prevent soggy boxes. They are also ideal for pizza by the slice service, so make sure you stock up! You'll find a variety of uses for your paper food wraps.
Pizza Stand & Risers
The best way to serve pizza to tables at your restaurant is with these pizza stands and risers. These smart restaurant pizza supplies help keep the large pies off the table to create more room for plates and drinks - without sacrificing style!


Pizza Dough Boxes
Keep your uncooked dough balls fresh longer with pizza dough boxes. With convenient style and functionality, this is a piece of pizza equipment you need to serve fresh pies to all your customers.
Pizza Pan Racks
Keep your pizzeria neat and organized with these pizza pan racks. When you need ultimate convenience from your kitchen and restaurant supplies, we have you covered on all the pizza tools you need!
Pizza Ingredient Storage
Store ingredients and keep them fresh longer with our selection of pizza ingredient storage and shelving. When you are making pizza, convenience and organization are essential to serve more pizza with less work.


We have a large selection of Clearance Pizza Supplies that are great for any kitchen!
Whether you are looking for a great deal on clearance pizza pans or pizza trays, this is the collection you need. We have options for pizza pans with holes, pizza pans with nibs, wooden pizza peels, oven brushes, pizza screens and even pizza cutters!


Get cans of prepared pizza sauce for your pizzeria or restaurant
Whether you are looking for cans of prepared pizza sauces or the ingredients to make your own pizza sauce, we have the 10 lb. cans you need to feed a crowd at your pizzeria or restaurant. Get the homemade canned pizza sauce taste from Dei Fratelli or make your own with our selection of pizza paste, puree, crushed or whole tomatoes. Dean Supply has all your wholesale pizza sauce needs covered.
Toppings and ingredients are essential parts of making a pizza your customers will love - but that requires a lot of prep work. At Dean Supply, we offer a wide range of food preparation tools for pizza including can openers, garlic presses, vegetable cutters and professional cutlery. Need pizza spices to create an original blend for your original sauce? We have those, too. From top to bottom, we are your one-stop-shop for affordable pizza accessories and equipment for your busy foodservice environment.

After you've perfected your pizza recipes with ingredients, the best pizza pans, and the right commercial pizza equipment, presentation is the next area of focus. Whether you are looking for the best pizza delivery bags, selling pizza by the slice and need to-go pizza boxes and paper food wrap or you are serving directly to the table, we're here to help you get it right. Check out our collection of pizza stands and risers so you can provide the ultimate dining experience with a presentation that will certainly be remembered.

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