Shop At Dean Baking Guide: Pie Edition

The secret ingredients for any homemade pie is patience, more patience and having the right tools. Sturdy and reliable tools are essential for any test kitchen, especially when aiming for consistency. When trying out new flavors, methods, or designs, controlling factors makes it easier to determine what is impacting your baking results. For this Baking Guide, we will be breaking down the best products to use for each step of making a pie.

Cutlery/ Knives

To achieve the perfect pie presentation, straight lines, detailed designs and raised slices are most important.

Cutting Board / Rolling Pin

Every Baker deserves two things: A flat surface and a rolling pin. Rolling even dough is a foundational pie baking technique.
It guarantees layers will rise evenly and engraved designs aren't destroyed while baking in the oven. Start practicing your rolling style with these kitchen must-haves.

Casserole Dishes / Pie & Tart Tins

Choosing the correct pie tin is critical. Aluminum pie pans distributes heat evenly whereas ceramic casserole dishes conduct heat similar to glass; Ceramic dishes tend to cause crust to brown much sooner.

Use aluminum for long bakes and ceramic for ready-to-eat restaurant meals like Chicken Pot Pie or warmed crumble bakes.

Food Packaging

Give your customers a sneak preview to your delicious treats. Showcase your pie creations with a clear covering or visible packaging window.

Additional Supplies

Check out these additional items to help make your baking experience easier.

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