5 Budget Conscious Event Planning Tips





When working on a budget, it can be hard for you to impress your guests. However, instead of buying pricey party decorations or adding expensive full entrees to the menu, consider utilizing these 5-budget conscious event planning tips. 



    1. Disposables Over Glassware

Instead of thinking you need to spend a lot of money, focus on areas on where you can stretch your budget. Tableware can be expensive and rack up most of your budget. Get timeless, elegant beauty with using disposable tableware like durable single-service plates or gold cutlery. These convenient single-service plates make great alternatives for table setting eliminating breakage worries and reduces costly cleanup. Show your guests that a budget conscious decision can also be modern and chic.  



     2. Mix and Match

Mixing high-price specialty products like pattern tablecloths or designer napkins with simple party basics is the secret weapon for every host on a budget. There’s an art when it comes to mixing items at different price points- how were you able to put this together? Shop smart and save money on your dream party theme and collect the basics here. 



     3. The Unconventionals

Get crafty for your next event and use unconventional items for party décor.  This will lead to an outstanding look that is not only good but is also budget conscious. Use galvanized tubs, wine coolers and wooden trays can work as the foundation for table center pieces; Fill them up with flowers, candles or table cards. Galvanized pails and Chinese takeout boxes also make for great giveaways for sweet treats and other small favors. Your creativity is limitless and can be inspired by things found in the kitchen. 

    4. Eco-Friendly

Throwing a successful party can be quite overwhelming. Throwing a successful eco-friendly party can be a next level stress. However, your time and patience to plan a zero-waste event will not only be appreciated by your guests but the environment as well. Offer your guests appetizer-sized edibles instead of dishes with utensils, choose compostable tableware instead of single-service plastic, as doing this will help you save a lot of money. Also, chalkboards are a great way to write up the menu and avoid excess paper waste. Find out more of our eco-conscious collections here. 

Pro-Tip: We offer a special monogram service for Leafware purchases. Get your business’s logo or a special message engraved onto your dinnerware for an extra surprise. Message a representative for details on your Leafware order!




     5. Beverage Dispenser

Make your beverage the star of the show. Use sliced fruit, simple syrup or herbs  to add flavor to your favorite flavored water or boozy cocktail recipe. Not only does a beverage dispenser help enhance the look of your self-serving station it also eliminates prep and save money from making individualized drinks.

Pro-Tip: Encourage your guests to stick with one cup by personalizing their glassware. By personalizing their cups, you eliminate accidental switch ups, waste and squeezed in an extra party favor. Check out these amazing DIY Mason Jars projects. 


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