Disposable Table Setting Hack: Modern Classics to Cookout Ready!

Receptions in a post-Covid world have altered the ways in which we gather at the table. From social distancing compliant seating to supplementary surface cleaning, event planning comes with extra steps to insure the safety of guests and staff.

Even in times of uncertainty, it is important to take time to celebrate milestones and life achievements. Special occasions such as weddings, baby showers, birthdays and graduation parties can be great excuse to reconnect with family and friends. While events are being limited in size, as a means to prevent over-exposure and spreading of the virus, there are many money-saving opportunities at hand. The convenience of hosting an intimate group of guests provides the chance to emphasize table setting details that would have otherwise been a budget-binding compromise for a larger group. 

Single-use or disposable tableware is a great way to control multiple contacts with one item and makes for an easy clean up. Consolidating giveaway items or snacks at the self-serve station into individualized containers, protects food from contamination and offers your guests a peace of mind. Furthermore, choosing disposable tableware allows you to spend more time focusing on enjoying your event rather than worrying if a glass or plate will break during the festivities. 

From modern classic to cookout ready, we've assembled five table setting hacks and inspiring tips to help plan for your next event. 

1. Special Occasion (Zero-Waste) 

Renting ceramic dishes for a reception or luncheon may levy up the budget but, plastic disposables can quickly overflow the landfill. Eco-friendly event planning is gaining more popularity as party planners and hosts begin to implement zero-waste initiatives. Leafware combines sustainability efforts with stylish trends, adorning tables with a modern finish. These durable plates feel sturdy to the touch and presents unique table patterns. Built from fallen palm leaves, the plates feel similar to bamboo-based products; The tableware efficient by design is compatible for any type of food or special event. Although they may feel like a normal plates and cutlery, these table setting must-haves are biodegradeable, meaning that it can decompose into soil. Coordinate with a local compost pick up or direct your clean up crew to dispose all of their waste into one designated area for your guilt-free party remains. 

Pro-Tip: We offer customization services for Leafware products. Customize plates with wedding dates, special thank yous or more!

2. Business Luncheon ( Zero-Waste)

Returning back to the workplace can be a new start for companies creating safer and healthier work environments. Eco-friendly carry-out containers and cutlery present a modern and sustainable alternative to the typical plastic container. The plant-based clear lids, give an at-a-glance viewing, to help decipher which meals belong to whom. Add a tamper-evident label for extra security to prevent germs or mishandling to individual orders. 

 Pro-Tip: We offer customization services for Leafware products. Customize plates with company or sponsor logo for a meaningful detail at your next event. 

3. Special Occasion (Budget Friendly) 

When it comes to selecting tableware for your special events, gathering the right designs and texture to match your theme can be tough. Renting tableware for occasions like weddings or graduation parties may seem simple but, it may also levy up a large bill and clean up nightmare. Going with disposable helps simplify the messy ingredients into compact, light and easy solutions. This fine-dining disposable dinnerware is made from dense materials, perfect for in-door and outdoor parties. Add luxury to the table setting by emphasizing on table decor and centerpieces to help liven up the atmosphere. 


4. Mix and Match (Children's Birthday Party)

Today, kids' parties are full of magic and sophistication. Simple party kits are not enough to please the Instagram generation. Get creative with the table decor with mix n' match styles. Use multi-colored plates or decor to represent your theme's color wheel. Pull like colored napkins, saucers, straws and confetti to expand on your tables potential. 

5. Self-Serving Station Heroes

Due to COVID-19, hosting events have taken on new social protocols for the better. On sight hand washing stations, hand sanitizer kits, and contact-less beverage dispensers, are great ways to give your guests independence to serve themselves in a tangible and safe environment. Greet your guests as they arrive with clean, disposable face masks and check their temperature before entrance. Although these step seem tedious, the cautious will go a long way in appreciation. 



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