Essential Pizza Tools: The Different Types of Pizza Pans

The Best Pizza Pans

 Having the best pizza pans and supplies on hand and exploring your creativity with them is a great way to help your business stand out among the best of the best. That’s where Dean Supply comes in! We just jam-packed our pizza supplies  collection with the variety of pizza equipment you need including:  pizza pans with holes or “perforated pizza pans”, coupe pizza pans, deep dish pizza pans, tapered pizza pans and all the other pizza tools you could need. With our wide selection of clearance pizza pans, you’ll be able to try out different pizza pans and test results without hurting your budget.

Here is a quick description of the different styles and types of affordable pizza pans we have to offer: 

Coupe Pizza Pan/ Pizza Tray

This is the most traditional type of pizza pan you’ll find on our shelves. The smooth flat design is great for oven-to-table pizza service because the slightly lifted edges make grabbing a slice easier. This classic style pizza pan is great for making a soft and doughy crust, achieved with the slower bake time compared to a pan with perforations or nibs. It’s easy to use because you can construct your pie directly on the tray and pop it in the oven. It’s cleaner than a perforated pizza pan since there are no holes for corn meal or other mess to drop through and it can be placed directly on a dinner table. This is the best pan making pizza at home, too. 

Try These:

 pizza pan


Perforated Pizza Pans

 We often are asked about the difference between a pizza pan with holes vs no holes. The holes along the bottom of the pan promote air flow for even cooking for crispy, brown crust. Pizza pans with holes can also help prevent crusts from getting soggy because the holes allow moisture to escape while resting so it doesn’t get absorbed back into the crust. With a variety of options including super perforated pizza pans (pans with more or bigger hole than standard) and half perforated pizza pans (pans with fewer or smaller holes or just in the middle), you can get the exact airflow you need to create the pie your customers drool over. 

Try These:

Pizza Pans with Nibs

These types of pizza pan have raised bumps along the bottom that serve various purposes in creating a tasty pie. When the dough is placed on the nibbed pizza pan, it will sit slightly higher than normal, so there is more room for airflow and circulation underneath the crust while in the oven. Much like the perforated pan, this will help create a crispy crust that your customers will love. The raised nibs also provide a place for excess grease and moisture to escape. When the pizza is cooking or resting, the grease will stay in the pan rather than be absorbed back into the crust. 

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pizza pan

Pizza Screens

Pizza screens, or pizza disks, are the best pizza pans for crispy crusts and are great for cooking up thin crust pizzas. Since there is so much air circulation with the mesh-like construction, the pizza will cook much faster, making it ideal for use on conveyor pizza oven ovens. The pizza screen is also ideal for preventing soggy crusts when the pie is resting. Since the moisture has somewhere else to go, some pizzerias will use the screen as a cooling rack for their fresh-from-the-oven pies. 

Try These:

pizza screen

Deep Dish Pizza Pans

When you are after an authentic deep dish pizza, these are the pans on the market. With the tall sides, you can stuff it full of all the dough, sauce, cheese, and toppings needed to create a memorable pie for all of your guests. You can get coupe style or perforated deep dish pizza pans to get that chewy, doughy crust or a more crispy crust if you prefer.  

Try These:

Deep dish

Want to try out your newly purchased pizza tools?

If you really want to impress your customers and keep them coming back for more, you can get creative and try new things. With our selection of clearance pizza pans and supplies, the economical prices give you a little wiggle room to try new things and see what works. Here are some recipes to get your creative juices flowing: 

Butternut Squash And Crispy Sage Pizza

by Alexandra’s Kitchen

Hummus and Grilled Zucchini Pizza
by Food and Wine

Brown Butter Lobster and Spinach Pizza with Bacon + Fontina
by Half Baked Harvest

Reuben Pizza
by Kitchen Hui

Loaded Baked Potato Pizza

by Nutmeg Nanny 

Need other pizza tools? We have a large selection of Paper Food WrapPizza BrushesPizza CuttersPizza Dough BoxesPizza Pan RacksPizza StonesPrepared Pizza Sauce & Tomatoes to help you make enough pizzas to serve all of your customers or just enough to feed your hungry family when making pizzas at home.

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