Office Christmas Party Ideas & Themes

Top 5 Office Christmas Party Ideas & Themes

Have your last few office Christmas party ideas left your employees scrambling for an excuse to be anywhere but there? Sure, it’s easiest to plan a potluck and tell everyone to just meet in the conference room at lunchtime. But that’s boring, and everyone knows that’s boring.  Before you start your holiday party planning this year, check out our list of creative office Christmas party ideas that even the Grinchiest of employees will enjoy.

Here are 5 holiday office party themes ideas that employees will actually enjoy:

  1. Game Show Office Party

Depending on the size of the group, there are tons of games you can easily put together without breaking your holiday party budget. Organizing group games like Family Feud or Jeopardy will cater to different employees by letting some get in on the action by playing and others to join the fun simply by watching. If they aren’t forced to play, they may be more likely to get excited about attending. Family Feud can get all your employees excited beforehand by getting them to participate in the surveys. Send out a survey of questions and then collect the answers and incorporate them so it's personalized to the people playing! Minute to Win It games are also very popular and can be set up with just a few items you probably already have on hand. Or you can just get a collection of classic board games like Scrabble and Monopoly and let employees get to know each other a little better over some friendly competition. The winners of the games can get raffle tickets to win prizes or fun little awards trophies!


  1. Christmas Movie Night Party 

Forgo the traditional forced mingling type of party and opt for a movie night instead. Order a couple of pizzas, set up a hot cocoa bar (complete with colorful hot cocoa mugs!) and let your employees relax while watching a Christmas movie. Get everyone in on the planning process and let them vote on which movie to watch beforehand (we recommend Cleveland's Own: A Christmas Story). This may be difficult depending on the size of your group, but with a projector and a DVD, you can throw one of the best holiday office parties your employees have ever attended. And don’t forget authentic movie theater popcorn supplies


  1. Gingerbread Decorating Contest  

Everyone loves decorating gingerbread houses! This is a fun activity that can get employees working together on something that isn’t just work related. You can have each department make a house, or you can pair employees from different departments so they can get to know each other better. This is a great opportunity to give prizes away and get employees excited. Just make sure you have plenty of decorating supplies on hand! It is also a great marketing opportunity - once the houses are completed, post pictures on your business social media pages to let your friends & followers vote for their favorite. That will help build your positive brand image and show the people behind the scenes. 


  1. Christmas Awards Ceremony

Take advantage of this opportunity to boost company morale by recognizing outstanding accomplishments from the year. Employees that feel valued and recognized for their hard work are generally happier and more fulfilled at work. Taking the opportunity to thank your employees and recognize the positive impact they have on the company is very important. It doesn't have to be strictly serious awards either - you can do fun ones like these, too. There is a lot of room for fun here by giving away awards trophies and getting plenty of awards ceremony decorations to make it feel authentic and exciting.


  1. Host a Holiday Casino Party at the Office

This is one popular and fun company Christmas party idea! Stock up on fake money and decks of cards for a holiday party idea that isn’t just another ugly sweater contest. With a couple of tables and few pros willing to be dealers, you can set up some fun games of blackjack, poker, craps and more! Do it after prom style where you use fake money but give out raffle tickets to win prizes so it’s still exciting. You can have other tables set up with board games, bingo or other card games so the non-gamblers are still entertained as well. Casino decorations are a great addition to this corporate holiday party to make your office feel less like your office! 


Now that you’ve picked a Corporate Holiday Party theme, make sure you have the rest of the Holiday Party Basics (including this helpful office party planning checklist):

  1. Christmas Party Decorations: Set the jolly mood with festive holiday decorations! From Christmas centerpieces, to Santa wall hangings, tissue garlands and even holiday piñatas, you can find all the Christmas party decorations at Dean Supply Co.! 

    2. Disposable DinnerwareFood is one of the most important parts of any good office party. Everyone loves to eat, but no one wants to do the dishes. Add a pop of cheerful color to your tabletop with colorful disposable plasticware including plates, cups, napkins, cutlery, and table covers.

    3. Catering Supplies: If you are going full out with the food, you may need to pick up a couple of extra catering supplies to make sure serving is neat and organized. Get all your serving utensils, serving bowls, catering trays, punch bowls and any other catering supplies right here

    4. Bathroom & Cleaning Supplies: Stock up on the cleaning supplies so once the party is over, cleanup is quick so you can get back to work. Having extra paper products on hand may be a good idea too, so you aren’t running out of toilet paper or paper towels mid party. Dean Supply Co. has all of the janitorial and sanitation supplies for your office.

No matter what party theme you chose for your office holiday party this season, don’t forget it’s supposed to be fun. Although the party planning may be stressful, it will be worth it to take the time to put together a party that employees actually look forward to. Let Dean Supply make it a little easier by being your one stop shop for all your party supply needs! From holiday decorations to disposable dinnerware to cleaning supplies, we are your number one store for your business and party needs. 



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