The Balloon Buddy - Powerful & Fast Balloon Inflator


Balloons are a classic staple at any party or event. They stand for fun and add a nice pop of color, but they can be a lot of work. After you blow up all the balloons you need, you then have to spend the party with empty lungs and tired cheeks from all the hard work you put in. Wondering if there is a better solution? There is!

Introducing The Balloon Buddy! This neat little contraption is an electric air inflator meant just for balloons. With the ability to inflate latex balloons in just seconds, it is designed for ease and efficiency.

When you are planning a party or big event, there are hundreds of details that need your attention and The Balloon Buddy takes one extra thing off your plate.

Portable and Easy to Use 

The small, compact body makes it easy to store and transport from place to place, and the electric plug means it won’t run out of batteries in the middle of the job. The feet have suction cups so it is sure to stay put on any flat surface and an extender tip is also included so you can fill up any size balloons needed. It’s easy to use as all you do is place the balloon on the valve, push down and watch the balloon inflate.


See it in action: 



Save Money with Helium-Less Balloons

You may not be so impressed with an air tank that gives you balloons that don’t float, but this just gives you the opportunity to create some truly unique balloon decorations. Plus, you can save yourself the time, money and hassle of going to the party store to get helium-filled balloons. Check out all these great things you can do that require no helium:

You can make a colorful balloon arch:

            Photo Credit: Blog Lovin’     
Or a pretty backdrop for a photo booth:
Photo Credit: The House That Lars Built   
Or make a festive garland:
Photo Credit: Blog Lovin’ 


Party Games with Balloons Are Better 

The Balloon Buddy is great for more than just decorations.There are also tons of fun games you can play with helium-less balloons. Like the old carnival balloon pop game, balloon tennis, or create this birthday balloon avalanche. It also makes making balloon animals a snap!

Whether you are throwing a birthday party, a grand opening celebration, a big sale at your store, a church event or any other fun gathering, The Balloon Buddy will take the hard work out of creating your balloon display, and no more hitting up the balloon shop!

Now that you have the balloons in place, we have you covered on all your other party & event needs. From decorations, disposable plates, cups, napkins, and cutlery, to catering and clean-up supplies – Dean Supply is your one-stop-shop!

Happy shopping!


DID YOU KNOW: In 1986, Cleveland released 1.5 million balloons to raise awareness for United Way. It may have gone exactly as planned thanks to fickle Cleveland weather, but it was definitely a sight to be seen. Check out the amazing photos here.


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